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    Samsara seeds

    hey 420 just wondering where these breeders orginate from? also i was thinking about doing their green love potion & holy grail 69 outdoors in southeast usa and just want to know if it would be a good strain as far as yeild and mould resistance..if anyone has grew these please chime in..thanks 420
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    Heavy weight seeds

    hello all im new to the forum and i was advised to place my question here and maybe get some anwsers..i been reading on "heavy weight fruit punch" strain? the genetics are same as Reserva privada's silver bubble..my question is does this one yeild like the breeder stats or anything close to it...
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    outdoor heavy weight fruit punch

    im just wondering if any of u outdoor guys have grew this strain out? its from heavy weight breeder and the genetics are exactly the same as reseva priverda silver bubble..just wondering if it does do the amount of yeild as breeder stats or something close to that
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    Heavy weight fruit punch anyone?

    hello 420!! im just wondering is anyone here has had any experience with this strain? i looked at the genetics and they are exactly the same as reserva pridava's silver bubble and a few more breeders got a few strains differnt names same genetics out there..thanks P.s if this is in the wrong...
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