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    Replacement for tent poles

    im using green fingers 1.5 x 1.5 x 2m tent and i find a situation where i need two support bars for the top to hand another light, i need a low hanging bar and another hanging bar to go across the top can anyone direct me in the right place. i have emailed green fingers and they dont sell parts...
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    How do I delete or rename a thread?

    Title says it all, how do I rename or delete threads iv posted. Also how do I add completed journal grows under my name when I post? Cheers
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    Royal Gorilla Auto

    Here's my third journal gorilla auto x2 and auto sweet tooth x 1. this is another auto diary however will be grown in the same tent as my photoperiod blue cheese so fingers crossed i can get them all to sync up this time. @Ganjagrandaddy @Jack420 My set up: 1.5*1.5*2m tent Viper Spectra 700parr...
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    Blue Cheese Clone By Seedsman

    Here's my second journal blue ice o.g and blue cheese clones. Haven't done photos before but I'm going to give it a crack, wish me luck! @Ganjagrandaddy @Jack420 My set up: 1.5*1.5*2m tent Viper Spectra 700parr 700w LED 2* 2 or 3 gallon pots I'm honestly not sure. Coco coir medium Hygen nutes...
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    Breeding seeds

    hello im looking at a limited release strain of auto flower, iv herd of people making autos with one pheno male and one pheno auto but what im wondering is if i grow one auto, get it to flower then cover half in CS and get pollen and then pollinate the other side of the same plant, will it...
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    Light distance LED & correct spectrums

    hello im growing in a coco coir mix and i have 3 plants going that are about 8 weeks on and about 3 weeks into flower possibly, im not sure i just finished work so im a bit tired and wanted to get answers quickly with this. im running a mother tent .8x.8.1.6 and i do have a bigger 1.5x.1.5x2...
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    NYC Diesel Auto First Grow & Northern Lights Dwarfs?

    hello all just wondering why my plants are so small, i have been looking at other grow diaries and mine are completely different to any on there, the online diaries are all tall sativa looking plants but mine are about week 5-6 and are all dwarfs?? i just want to figure it out for my next grow...
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    NYC Diesel Auto, Advanced Seeds & NL Auto, The Seedsman

    hi everyone this is my very first grow im trying to smash it out as quick as possible on a 600 watt light on an 80x80x160 tent using hygen nutes in a coco coir mix. fingers crossed they go well i just put them in paper towel to finish the germination off yesterday so ill check today or tomorrow...
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    Unsure what to do for my autos

    Hi this is my very first grow iv just set my seeds in water and tomorrow ill be pulling them out and putting them in paper towel and then into a coco coir medium in fabric air pots. I am using a 180W led i cant remember where i got it from but im pretty sure i may need to buy another one to keep...
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