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    Budtheory - 1st Grow - Hempy - Various Strains

    Yeah. It was created by the guys at Cutting Edge Solutions and then brought to WA state by a friend of theirs.
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    Budtheory - 1st Grow - Hempy - Various Strains

    Yeah, Rainbow is the best...no joke...it has become the prized strain in my garden. You will not be disappointed, and yeah, it does great in Hempy. I also use CES nutes, which come to find out is the guys that created Rainbow...so no wonder why it loves them so much.
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    Light of Jah - Early Wonder Skunk - Soil - OC+ From Seed

    Re: Light of Jah, Early Wonder Skunk, Soil, OC+, From Seed wow.... your plants look seriously heathly!!! I'm impressed!
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    Budtheory - 1st Grow - Hempy - Various Strains

    UPDATE: Here are pics of the budz on a few plants currently in my room. NLxBB SDxMK Rainbow White Widow
  5. White Widow

    White Widow

  6. Rainbow


  7. SDxMK


  8. NLxBB


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    Budtheory - 1st Grow - Hempy - Various Strains

    thanks guys! Smoke report to follow...and only 2-3 weeks until I havest another 3-4 plants,
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    Budtheory - 1st Grow - Hempy - Various Strains

    UPDATE: OK, wife is out of town with the nice camera...so sorry for the res of some of these pics. Long story short I harvested the bt mother. 72 hrs of cold and dark. Right before harvesting I got many colas....biggest was 96 grams....several in the 70 gram range, 60 gram...
  11. bubble hash

    bubble hash

  12. got 4 of these

    got 4 of these

  13. 76 gram cola

    76 gram cola

  14. bt before chop

    bt before chop

  15. bt mother harvest

    bt mother harvest

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    newbie has a question

    No problem.... indo = indoor. In other words, bringing outdoor plants back inside can contaminate your indoor crop with pests. 70's should be fine. Do you know the strain? Purple is good, in that people seem to pay more for it at this time. I personally like the taste of purple strains...
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    MED MMJ Farmers Market, in Seattle! 2/27

    See you guys there!
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    newbie has a question

    Moving them outside should be fine as long as the air temp change is not large enough to shock the plant. Beware of bugs or pests hitching a ride back into you house and infesting your indo!
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    48 Hours of Darkness?

    Well, I am on the bench...I checked the plant this morning....but I think I will leave it in the dark and cold bathroom I have it in until tomorrow...which will be about 60 hrs of dark. It is definately very sticky...not sure if it is more than it was prior to darkness. I only have one plant...
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    Budtheory - 1st Grow - Hempy - Various Strains

    Oh yeah....and yes, I took all mirros out of the rooms about a month or so back. good call though.
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