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    Stickydank's Basic CO2 Method

    Check this out. I found this on youtube. It will give you a basic idea on how this method works. YouTube - Homemade CO2 Generator
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    Blue Heaven Rommulen

    This is what is left of an 1/8 I got on Thursday. It was a pretty good deal at $45. Grown locally, distributed by Blue Heaven in Redwood City, California. The onset of the high comes on quickly, and continues to grow as time goes by. I feel my muscles relaxing and my thoughts become clear. The...
  6. Blue Heaven's Romulen

    Blue Heaven's Romulen

    Romulen from Blue Heaven, Redwood City Ca.
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    CNBC new TV special on Marijuana

    People should take from Cali's example, and be motivated to bring political change in their own state. Everyone must realize that there is power in numbers. Write your senators, inform the public, and educate yourself. There is no way that we can be turned down when we unite. The government is...
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    My 420 Experience

    Haha that is great Rob!!! What a keen sence of 420 awareness!!!
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    Does coughing get you higher?

    It is always better not to cough.. It does not get you any higher and it does harm your lungs. You should take smaller hits that you can pull deep into your lungs. The light headed feeling is from deprevation of oxygen. Not to mention the coughing scratches your lungs and makes for more...
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    Racefans Herbalaire H2.1 Review

    OMG!!! Pinch, I need to go check your Herbalaire! These things sound like they kick ass. I haven't seen them in shops here in the South Bay.... So I may just have to order one online... But let me get this straight tho... The air pump is a diaphram that is outside the main unit which holds the...
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    Harborside Oakland Now Carries Clones

    Re: Harborside Oakland Now Carrys Clones Yes they sure do have the church. I was so very excited to see it aswell. The temptation was to much to bare and I walked out with a couple.. Look forward to a review.
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    New Dispensary in San Mateo Co.

    Yeah, I noticed that the site has a heavy So. Cal demographic. So I will do my best to represent for all us NorCal mmj patients. Mad super dope props to you 420 :)
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    Waterfarm 8 Pack - What do folks think?

    It is true. The waterfarm 8 pack is not a recircualting system unless you get the circulation kit. The system works well without the kit tho. All the separate modules stay at the same ppm, ec, and ph. Nutes just have to be premixed before adding to the master res. It is a common first timers...
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    Hydroton cleaning

    You can clean clay rock growing medium by removeing all organic matter and washing with a solution of 1 part bleach and 1 part water. Then make sure it is rinsed very well like.... Or like mentioned before, clearx, or floraclean. I would expect these products to be a whole lot safer than the...
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    New Dispensary in San Mateo Co.

    Oh I am great Rob. I really like what you've done with the place. Well I am sure you had alot of great help. Everyone seems to be putting in alot. I am proud to see fellow potheads uniting to make this place as wonderful as it is now. The past year has been tough, but things are better. I really...
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    Harborside Oakland Now Carries Clones

    They carryed clones years ago. The folks at Harborside decided that it would be better to stop selling clones due to past DEA cultivation raids. Now as the pollitical climate has changed so has their policy. They now agian sell clones. Checked them out a week or so ago. Clones look A+ fresh and...
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    New Dispensary in San Mateo Co.

    There is a new medical cannabis collective in Redwood City. This is after a long hard fight with the county. We here on the pennisula of the bay area have been put through alot of frustrations. Many of us have to drive up to San Francisco or Oakland. This is unsettleing for people like me. The...
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    Vaporizing Hash?

    Re: Vaporizing Hash?? Point well taken FreakNature! I don't really do that much, as I hate to loose any precious cannabinods:3: It is just one of my habits not to do so... I usually shread up hard hash with a pair of sissors. Oh and another thing which I find to be awesome! When you put...
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    Vaporizing Hash?

    Re: Vaporizing Hash?? Hahahahahaha! That pic is so funny! Good stuff!!!!
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    Purple bud

    There is a flavor and smell assosiated with purple... Like it was said before, there is genetic purple, but by far most is induced by low temps.... By my experiance I've noticed that purple buds are generally harsher, I guess due to less of a cure to preserve the color. Which usually is very...
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