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    COB light

    I'm thinking about buying some led cob lights but don't know about them. Does anyone use them or know about them and if they will work for growing?
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    What's wrong

    These guys are a little over 2 weeks old. Should they be bigger than they are now?
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    I've germinated some seeds using the paper towel method and have some cleaned rockwool drying as we speak. If I plant my seeds in the rockwool is it ok to later transfer the entire thing into the potting soil? Or should I put them straight into the soil now?
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    Noob grower - Need help

    I've killed my first grow due to lack of knowledge. So I've learned some but still have questions. I want to use my extra t5 shop lights but don't know what bulbs are best to use in them and how far away from the plants they should be. Any help is greatly appreciated Chemist studying to be a...
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    What are the best nutes to use start to finish? Nuclear engineer grad with a green thumb
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    Looking for a cheap but effective led grow light setup. Anyone have any idea what I should use? Nuclear engineer grad with a green thumb
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    What's the best grow medium as far as soils goes? Looking for something widely carried and inexpensive Nuclear engineer grad with a green thumb
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    Need help asap

    I'm a new grower with an awesome green thumb. Don't know what kind of lights to use. Should I use high pressure sodium and metal halide lights or full spectrum led grow lights? Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G900A using 420 Magazine Mobile App
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