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    WA state Senate Bill 5073, and its companion House Bill 1100

    Today the Legislature Considers Overhauling the State's Dysfunctional Rules for Medical Cannabis | Slog | The Stranger, Seattle's Only Newspaper Today the Legislature Considers Overhauling the State's Dysfunctional Rules for Medical Cannabis Posted by Ben Livingston on Thu, Jan 20, 2011 at...
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    Green light in budding room

    So I know that a grean light will not affect the photocycle of MJ, but does it hurt at all to leave it on all the time? Or, is green light essentially the same thing as no light as far as the plant is concerned?
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    Pruning a super bushy mother. yes/no? unique circumstances (pics)

    Ok. A quick history. A plant showed up in a flower pot this summer in my downtown location...aka someone threw a bean in when rolling one up and tossed it in while BBQing with the homies. My wife and I just let it go out of pure entertainment. Ends up she was pretty dank and gave us a oz...
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    Interesting article on the current MMJ climate in Seattle

    Great article on what is happening in Seattle Our Growing Industry On a Monday afternoon, Jeremy Kaufman and Ben Reagan usher clients into the back room of their tiny office in Georgetown, to a table with four small pot plants and 12 jars of pot. The jars are attached to a lazy-Susan-like...
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    Hempy growers unite! Share common or past problems?

    Just wondering what problems hempy growers have experienced? Most common? Is there some problem all hempy's have or should watch out for? Thinking this might be a place to share common things to look out for and how to fix them. Thanks guys!
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    Increasing odds of females when germinating seeds?

    I am sure there are some threads already on this, but I can't find them....so, any methods you can share would be aoppreciated. Or post a link to an old thread.
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    Budtheory - 1st Grow - Hempy - Various Strains

    Hey guys, I just joined 420magazine and have been gathering as much info as possible. Over the last few weeks I have set up my grow rooms. I am a MMJ patient, as well as a caretaker. Strains: From clones:White Widow, Northern Lights x Blueberry, Sour Diesel x Master Kush, and a unknown...
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    Has anyone heard of.....

    MMJ patients or caretakers being approached by the police in WA to just check out their grow room and count plants. In the "Growing Excess" thread, a member eludes to cops seeing their crop and telling them to distroy overage. (see quote below) Anyone actually heard of this happening? If...
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