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    Is it safe to use bottled lemon juice for ph

    The lemon juice I have contains sodium benzoate and didnt know if it was safe for the plants. I'm using it to lower the ph.
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    how to get nice soft budswhen drying

    How do people make there flowers soft and manage tomake the stems crack ? I kno how to dry I trim and hangybut I want to know how to keep the flower moist and stem c3ack every time I dry I do it until my stems crack but by then the bud is crispy and can easily break down so how can I I make...
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    Adjusting pH?

    ok i am doing a dwc grow just planted the clones in a fw days ago earlier today i checked the ph and it was 7.5 so i lowered it to 5.5 around 10 am and now the ph is back to 6.5 SO I WANT T KNOW IF THERES A LIMIT TO HOW MUCH PH DOWN I CAN USE IN ONE DAY?
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    what would be ideal ph

    cool thanks
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    what would be ideal ph

    i just planted a few clones in my dwc i know normaly its between for mature plants but want to know what the proper ph would be for clones
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    lots of info needed ebb flood

    new to ebb what items will i need to setup i already have a 4x4 tray and two 1ks but ive always done dwc so i dont know what ill need or how ebbworks i always was dwc but a few years back i fell off and became a oxy pice of shit addict sold all my grow shit andnow ive been clean 6 months and...
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    Which is Best? Hydroponic or Soil?

    damn how stupid i was! i was jUSt goIng over old posts and i just read what i wrote and i feel like a retard. At the time i was more into hydro growing and realy didnt have any idea of how complex things can be when it comes to soil. Since then i would say ive expanded my knowledge and can say...
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    how much does a outdoor sativa harvest?

    i am just curious to the yeild ive been an indoor grower for sometime now and ive only managed to get a pound per 1k and have the space and time to setup a green house to grow in so im wanting to know how big of a diference say 1 plant indoor and 1 plant outdoor if done correctly im not...
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    Can someone grow with a 100 watt regular light?

    could you grow a plant veg it and flower it with a regular 100 watt light bulb from walmart i understand its not as great as hps i dont plan on doing it but just want to know if its possible and if its been done i use a few 1k hps lights but my younger sis just aquired her med card and wanted...
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    Most yield from 400 watt?

    i was planing on doing dwc in individual 5 gal buckets with adv nute lineup ive done this same grow before using 1000watt hps lights and ive turned a pound from each light so i am going to do the exact same setup minus the 1k but i was wondering if it would be possible to pull a pound with a 400
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    Most yield from 400 watt?

    whats the most yield someone can obtain from a 400 hps?
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    Trying 400 watt hps for first time need some info

    ive always used two 1k hps lights for my grows but at the moment i can only get 2 400s and i am curious to how much yield you can pull with a 400 ive gotten 1 pound from each 1k so i am wondering what my losses will be and whats the most someone has gotten off a 400 THANKS
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    Can i use Big Bud and Nirvana together?

    Re: can i use big bud and nirvana together ? seriously more then 200 views and not one person knows if its ok to use all theses nutes together IVE ALWAYS FOUND THIS WEBSITE TO BE HELPFUL BUT OBVIOUSLY NOT TODAY
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    Can i use Big Bud and Nirvana together?

    help is this OK i have been using all these in conjunction is this ok i am in week 4 of flowering using sunshine mix 4 in grow bags big bud bud candy b52 nirvana sensi a&b flower cal mag is this ok to mix all togehter or is it too much????/:thankyou:
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    Nute help please no one will help me please help

    ok lets start i am in 2nd week of flowering and i dont have a base nute will i be ok with just big bud, bud candy,nirvana and b52 i do not have a base but i do have these is it enuf i have sensi a n b for vegging should i also use that someone please help i am growing is sunshine mix 4
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    cani use adv nirvana in the first 3 weeks of flowering?

    ok i just bought nirvana and b52 from advanced nutes and on the bottle it says use weeks 3-6 of flowering but what i wanted to know is can i use it from week one? thank you
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    One 4x4 tray with two 1000w hps or two 4x4 trays with one light each

    the reson i was vegging that tall was because ive done a simalar grow before where i only veged till 2 ft and got an ok amount and i thought if id let them get taller id get more bud out of the grow if i am wrong then let me know i will just veg till 2 ft again then switch to flowering ive had...
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    One 4x4 tray with two 1000w hps or two 4x4 trays with one light each

    ok right now i am in my veg cycle i have a 4x4 tray filled with 25 plants in 3 gal grow bags and what i am wondering is should i add an extra 4x4 tray and put one 1000 hps over each tray and spread the plants out or should i just keep the 25 in one tray with both lights over it? what would get...
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    Sunshine mix 4 help?

    sounds like a plan that what im gunna do :thankyou:
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    Adding an extra light to my two 1k hps any advice

    thanks for the help i really appreciate it :thanks:
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