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  1. Grow17

    Gorilla Glue Auto - Not Growing

    Using the same equipment/soil as I've been for the last 2 years. Happy Frog /T5 Lights 18/6 schedule Germinated fine, sprouted in 2 days. 1st set of leaves 4 days later. Nothing since and it's been 2 weeks. This is the 1st time growing auto. I've started 2 THC Bomb Fem 4 days ago, and...
  2. Grow17

    Natural Light Timing Indoors?

    I've done a couple of grows now using the Lantern & DLS. This time I'm trying something different. Started out using Lantern. Once going into Flower, I started with 12/12 then cut the time by 2 minutes start 2 minutes stop . Anyone try this ? Girls look very happy.
  3. Grow17

    Burnt & Drying Leaves

    I've had this happen on 2 grows now. The 1st was due to heat from LED's I've since switched to 4 ft 8 lamp T5's using 3200K Cool White {Red} for flower mode. I use FF schedule in Ocean Forest soil. The tops are 8" from the bulbs and I can leave my hand right on the bulbs without getting burned.
  4. Grow17

    Blueberry Gum - Question

    Has anyone grown this strain. It's supposed to grow well in colder environments, which is what's coming my way soon.
  5. Grow17

    What is going on here? Nirvana Master Kush

    I won't go on about the problems I've had in the past with Nirvana seeds, but.... :) This seed was paper towel germinated on 8/3 .Sprouted 8/7 Cotyledons 8/11 1st set of leaves. It's grown slightly since then. I'm trying to figure out what's now going on with it. Specs : Rapid Rooter...
  6. Grow17

    LED Light Burn

    My plant tops are 19" from my 600 watt LED. This is the 2nd grow that it's happened with. I can possibly move the light up another inch, but not sure that's going to help. The only other thing that I'm not sure could be a factor is that my cooling system has been wacky and I've caught the light...
  7. Grow17

    Question about fan LEDs

    I have Lasko tower fans in my rooms. They have fairly bright blue LEDs for the control buttons. Do you think they will have any effect on my grow ?
  8. Grow17

    A Little Help Please AK 48

    I read an old post from another forum and also saw something on YouTube. It said that the tri's on this strain are translucent. I'm in week 3 of flower. Some of the lower buds have red hairs, but the top colas do not. Just want to harvest at the right time.
  9. Grow17

    AK 48 18 Days 12/12

    This was her when I 1st joined. Thanks for all the help so far :)
  10. Grow17

    Droopy Leaves after dark

    Ak48 Happy Frog & Perlite Using Fox Farms Grow Big & Hydo Guard every other watering. I use a meter to check soil wetness. Tall plant is a mystery seed. When lights are on, it's not as prevalent
  11. Grow17

    Hello from the SE - Some advice please

    I've grown in the past, but it's been close to 20 years. My current problem is I started my grow a month later than I wanted. I have 2 AK48's which are a month old . One is 10 inches the other 8. Both germinated a day apart. I also have one mystery plant {Nirvana} that's 15" Tent is 4x4x2 using...
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