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  1. Dann0

    Looking for LED just for seedling & possible mom plant

    Nice. What Ive heard is full spec to much red for seedlings or for keeping a mom in constant veg state....
  2. Dann0

    Looking for LED just for seedling & possible mom plant

    Im looking for an LED that I can use for propagation seedlings & clones. Was also wondering if I could get away with same light for keeping a mother plant. Mom and clones/seedlings would be right next to each other obviously :) My grow op is a small one. Dont have a room for veg one for...
  3. Dann0

    First Time Grow

    I think I have many 60% of the knowledge to get this done right. I hope... Will be an indoor organic soil grow - of course :) Not sure yet on the size of the pots (max is probably 5 gallons with # of plants I'm doing/space) 4x4 grow tent with all the trimmings (LED for light) Good Cannabis...
  4. Dann0

    Texas Law Ludicrist: 5 years to life for hash oil brownies

    Oh god, Texas :eek: Between TX, KS, and Indiana those are some of the most backward and ludicrous laws in the U.S. I see your posting date of about 6 months ago. I hope you are free and happy :D And not in Texas, lol. These Midwest states are not even trying to get with the program and see...
  5. Dann0

    New member to 420

    Hey Neighbor! Yeah in my Bay State were only allowed a certain # of plants (not a ton, but enough for personal medical use) and ive read that obviously the bigger the pot the plant is in the better they usually do. I've seen indoor plants pics with 5-10 gal pots where the trunk of the plant is...
  6. Dann0

    New member to 420

    Thanks for the welcome!! I'll be sure to check out the journals and will definitely start my own. Dan :Namaste:
  7. Dann0

    New member to 420

    Hey all! Just wanted to say Hi to all on the forums. And maybe a few words about my wonderful life. Seriously though, life is precious and I try to be thankful for all the good (and bad) in my life. Thankfully I'm a legal medical MJ patient for a handful of ailments, of just 1-2 that's...
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