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  1. AngryBird

    Birdie's Return To Life

    Hi everyone. :circle-of-love: It has been almost 3 years since I could grow and I am so happy to be alive today. I want to thank @HashGirl for starting the fundraising that made it possible for us to escape. For hunting and helping in tickets passports and possible places to stay. There...
  2. AngryBird

    Short Bread Cookies - 3 Ingredients

    Shortbread. How many: Depends on your cookie cutter's size. I had a small star, roughly 50 pcs.) Tools needed: Oven baking trays Spatula bowl Hand/stand mixer. Rolling pin Cookie cutter in the shape you want 1 cup canna butter ( 2 sticks US/ 226 gr) 1/2 cup powder sugar ( 65gr ) 2 cps of...
  3. AngryBird

    AngryBird's Perpetual Organic Garden, T8 Lights, Homemade Food

    Hi all I have come to love my new virtual family and thank you all for answering my newbie questions.:thanks: It is not a secret that I have never grown cannabis before and I only smoked pot 2 times in my life. When I was growing up, people smoking joints were " drug addicts" and it took me many...
  4. AngryBird

    Hi from a sunny sunny part in Europe

    Hi all I have enjoyed reading many journals and decided it was time to "ring the door bell" My whole life I grew up with " marijuana is a drug" bad bad for you.... I have always been a " herb medicine" type of person... (ginger for IBS... instead of pills and many more) Later in life (...
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