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  1. RoyFlower63

    Growing lights

    I just bought new 1000-watt glowing lights upgraded from my 300 watt LED the only thing is this one as to switches Bloom in veg, can someone please fill me in on how the switches work when I'm supposed to turn them on when I'm supposed to turn them off which one's on which ones off this is my...
  2. RoyFlower63

    High Everyone: I am just an old hippie

    I am 56 have 5 children 7 grandchildren, one on the way. I love Jesus! I love Gods gift to us " the marijuana plant" I judge no one,I have my license,I am just learning how to grow on my 3rd grow,, not real good success but this time I have upgraded feel good about this one! Lol. Well not sure...
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