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  1. Fonzi

    Good Seedbank?

    Hello dear Friends, I read in the German area constantly only from Royal Queen Seeds, Bulk seeds or Linda Seeds. There are so many good Breeder but i always only reads from the same. I'm interested in good Breeder with stabil good Genetic.. I dont select a Mother. I have experience with...
  2. Fonzi

    Crystal Candy & Sweet Cheese, 250W, Sweet Seeds

    Hello Guys, I started my Sweet Seeds grow 4 weeks ago. First i want tell something about my Eq: 80×80×180 Homelab 250w MH/NDL 220/400 lti + 400er akf 3× venti Soil: BioBizz Light/Allmix + BioBizz Grow, Bloom, Algamix, Topmax I have 3× Crystal Candy and 2× Sweet Cheese, 1× Sweet...
  3. Fonzi

    Passion Fruit Dutch Passion

    I had just one Pheno of Passion Fruit and she remember me Orange Bud. The flavour is amazong fruity Orange Bud. amazing Strain! Very strong High.. good taste..
  4. Fonzi

    Lemon Zkittle Dutch Passion

    Lemon Zkittle was a very great Strain! Very stabil.. Good Harvest. From 3 Lemon Zkittle just 1 Pheno was "yellow" and the flavour so great.. Citrus/Coconut The other Phenos had nice colors and the flavour was nice too but less citrus. Very hard Nuggets.. ans very Strong long lasting High! One of...
  5. Fonzi

    Francos Lemon Cheese

    Hello Guys, Greenhouse have a bad reputation. I do not know why. But the lemon cheese cross sounds very delicious .. I wonder if anyone has experience?
  6. Fonzi

    Excuse my question but where I can publish grow reports?

    Hello Guys, I dont know where i can publish my grow report. I dont See Reports here.. Can u help me?
  7. Fonzi


    Hello Guys, I am 32y. And a Grower from Germany. No breeder just a grower. I love Marijuana. The Quality on the black Market became so bad that I started growing my own Seeds a few years ago and I am very satisfied:) I like to try different varieties, there are so many. I am a Music Artist too...
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