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  1. incogn1to

    Boutique Autos Under LEDs: Coco & Mega Crop, Spring 2020

    This will be my second grow, and probably the last indoor until fall. The setup is pretty much the same as the last. They'll be living under the Optic4, inside a 5x5 gorilla tent. Medium is Canna Coco and pearlite, in 3gal fabric pots. Strains All three strains are Mephisto genetics. 1x each of...
  2. incogn1to

    Leaves going yellow & lime green and I can't seem to get it under control

    Hey guys, I first noticed it about 7 days ago. Did some googling and initially thought it was needing a bump in the nutrients. The plant is an auto on Day 45, and has been flowering since around Nov. 24th so I thought this was expected, and bumped up the nutrients. I was feeding around 1ml/L...
  3. incogn1to

    Incogn1to's First Grow: Dark Devil, Gelato & Cheese Autos In Coco, 2019

    Hello and welcome to my first grow! It's been a while since I actively contributed to a forum, so bare with me. I'll be growing 3 plants Strains Dark Devil Auto - Sweet Seeds (Purple zip tie) Sweet Gelato Auto - Sweet Seeds (Green zip tie) Cheese - Canuk Seeds (Orange zip tie) Medium...
  4. incogn1to

    New member, first grow just initialized

    Hi All! Been lurking for a while. I initially found this site when looking for recommendations on a 4x4 tent setup. I found a really informative long running thread regarding 4x4 tents, and that led me down the rabbit hole of journals, advice, reviews, etc. My interest in growing started...
  5. incogn1to

    First grow: seedling with droopy leaves and purple stems

    This is my first grow, I did a fair amount of research but I wasn't prepared for this. The seedlings are ~7 days from germination, 5 days from being put into their pots. Yesterday and today the first set of serrated leaves have started drooping and it almost looks like DD, as well as the Cheese...
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