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    First DWC grow, little insight?

    So doing my first dwc. Things seem to be going pretty good. Plants are in their 2and week of flower. My question is, when I do a res change, over the next couple days water levels drop. Ppm drops. Ph rises. Normal right? But after a couple days the ph starts to drop ppm goes up and water...
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    Help First DWC

    Leaves keep turning this color. Ph 5.8 Gen hydro nutes half ts per gal RH 65 Temp 75f Calmag 5mil per gal 3.5 gal res Ro tap water mix 70/30 Ppm 450 Day 12 Mars ts2000 at 65% 26 in Any ideas what this could be?
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    Dwc help!

    Having issues with dwc. Leaves keep changing like the pic. Crem de la chem. Auto Gen hydro nutes half teaspoon per gal 3.5 gal dwc Ph 5.8 5mil calmag per gallon Ro tap water 70/30 mix Rh 65 Temp 75f Any ideas? Plz help!
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    Hello: New to growing and doing a DWC, having issues, anyone know what's going on here?

    Having issues. Brown/yellow spots. Ph 5.8. Ro tap water mix 12 days old. 3.5 gal dwc RH 65 Temp 75f Gen hydro nutes at half teaspoon per gallon. Happening a little on 3 plants. Any help??
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