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    Possible Nanner - What do you think?

    Title kind of says it all; this is 5 weeks after flip to 12/12 on a feminized Durban Poison. I'm about halfway to the suggested flowering time. I actually found a couple of similar looking things and plucked them out, but this one I just cut and put into water in a different room to see what...
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    Lift Expo Vancouver 2018

    I got a push notification from Groupon about tickets for this event. I'd never heard of it before. I'm kind of surprised that a search of the forums here didn't bring up much information either, just an informational post about the same event in September of 2016. Has anybody ever heard of...
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    Another Male Or Female Post

    I'm pretty certain this is male. Just looking for another opinion, because the plant definitely has pistils in other places.
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    New Strains!

    I'm actually a bit disappointed that CKS didn't post any advertising about the new strains that they have listed on their website. I have no idea when Durban Poison and Jack Diesel became available, but I know I'm going to be wandering down to the CKS office asap to pick up some new seeds. Now...
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    How long can I let this go before harvest?

    I'm in a bit of a quandry. I have this NYC Diesel Auto that's been growing since September 15th. Advertised as "7 weeks", it's been over 12. It's really looking frosty, and I can see lots of cloudy trichomes, but not all. Pistils are mostly white, some are changing to orange, but only some...
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    Swollen Calyx vs Hermie?

    I know this question has been asked lots, and I've searched for the same question for more information, but as a (still) newb grower, I do need some opinions. These is an autoflowering NYC Diesel, almost 12 weeks old. They're overdue, breeder says they should be done in about 8 weeks, and...
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    DIY: Making Fabric Pots Rigid

    Well, not quite. Biggest problem I've found with the fabric pots is that you can't drill holes in the lip for training your plants. I had some 1/4" soaker hose lying around, and decided to try and make a frame for the pot, to help maintain shape and have something to tie down to. It seems...
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    Automated Controller

    I ran into this on "Instructables". It's for growing lettuce, but all the technology is the same for any plant: Lettuce for Life - Arduino 101 Based Automated Controller for Hydroponics, Aeroponics, Aquaponics, Etc.
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    Grow Journal #2: CKS NYC Diesel Auto & Sour Diesel In Coco

    Time to start my second grow. I actually plan on running two grows at the same time - an auto (CKS NYC Diesel) and I'm going to try fluxing a photoperiod plant (CKS Sour Diesel). The plan, and I know it sounds kind of ambitious, is to try and grow out the auto while I'm fluxing and then switch...
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    Should I harvest soon?

    I think this is the most frequently asked question I've seen, which doesn't stop me from asking it as well. :) I'm 65 days into flower, and I can't get good pictures to post, but please see what you can see and give me your opinions. This is holding my iPhone up to the eyepiece of a...
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    Pre harvest flushing question

    I understand that no nutrients are added during pre harvest flush because you want the plant to use up its stores nutrients, so does that mean that during that the water doesn't need to be pH'd? Incorrect pH interferes with correct nutrient uptake, but is that in the roots or at the cellular level?
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    Help! What is this?

    I am about 30 days into flowering with a feminized indica strain (Purple Kush). I was checking my plants this morning, and under the purple LED light, these yellow tips were quite noticeable right at the tips of several of my colas. I was not able to get a good picture using my jewelers...
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    Need some help: CFL, upgrade to CMH, MH or LED?

    I'm in the middle of my first grow. I'm growing in a DIY box with CFL bulbs, because I read that those ran the coolest. My box only measures 48"H x 37"W x 22"D, and is lined with mylar on all 3 sides plus the 2 doors, so it's just under 23 cubic feet. I had been under the impression that a...
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    Blue City Diesel vs NYC Diesel or Sour Diesel

    Does anybody have experience with Blue City Diesel and one/both of the other strains? How do they compare, both in terms of flavour, high and ease of care? :)
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    1st Grow - Crop King Seeds Purple Kush

    I am a complete newbie to growing plants in general, and have killed most of the herbs I've tried to raise. I'm hoping that weed is a bit hardier. :2: Strain CropKing Seeds Purple Kush Feminized #Plants 2 Grow box DIY 48" x 37" x 21" Bucket Size 10 gallon Smart...
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    1st grow - Do these look okay?

    My first grow, my poor plants have been seriously over stressed. I know I overwatered, and started them out with very poor amounts of light. I think I also gave them nutrients too early in their life cycle, but have since cut back. I totally screwed up the pH because the pH meter I was using...
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