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    LED grams per watt

    After writing my post "LED lumens, again", I realized that "how much", regarding "I get so much yeild" was, itself, a useful statistic. Under HPS, people used to talk about the achievable goal of 1 gram (dried) per watt per grow season. I never got much more than about a half gram per...
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    LED lumens, again

    BEWARE, all ye potential buyers of LED Light systems: In another post, I attempted to begin discusssing a phenomenon, that numbers for radiant flux (which I called, rightly enough, even acknowledging PAR, as lumens) are not being given to us for evaluation. Professional obfuscators, for...
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    LED lumens - sanity check?!

    On eBay, just now, I read through a listing titled: "50*3W 90W UFO Hydro LED Grow Light Quad-band 7:1:1:1 for Flowering" It explains that it uses 3W LEDs, at an actual power of 90 Watts, with the detail: "Bridgelux RED 35 Blue 5 Orange 5 White 5 LED". I've believed that Bridgelux sold...
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