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    Birds digging up and killing seedlings

    what can i do to avoid this? it's only a problem for the first week when the seedling is small, after that they don't do it
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    Can I put my seedlings under full sunlight?

    i'm growing outdoors, can my seedlings take full sunlight immediately or will they get burned?
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    Terra Canna Professional tips

    hello, i need some tips for terra canna professional first of all, what's the diference between professional, and plus? is the one i have pre-fertilized a bit? i have a 8lt fabric pot and a 11 liter one. i mixed in 20% of perlite into the soil, is it enough? i'm planning to grow autos in...
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    How much perlite should I mix?

    in 15 liters of soil, how much perlite should i put to have a very well air rich soil? would 40% mean almost half the pot filled with perlite and the rest with soil? (mixed ofc)
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    Canna Terra Professional vs Atami Bio Growmix

    which one of these soils is better? i'm looking for good aeration. do they need perlite to be mixed in aswell?
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    Perlite, how much?

    What do people mean when they say 50% perlite? Half pot full of perlite and half. Full of. Soil? (mix it ofc, but I'm talking about proportions I wanna get them right)
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    Do moisture meters work?

    do analog moisture meters work? has anyone tried them?
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    I'm so done, help me, nothing grows

    Im so done, this is the 10th auto that doesnt grow at all. I'm an outdoor grower from italy Let's take my last auto into the picture Planted 4 autos One in solo cup One in a medium cup One in the final pot This is 1 month ago. They are still so small, seeds are from royal queen I'm...
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    temperature of water for sprouting

    i'm sprouting with the water glass method, the water temp is 32 celcious, too high?
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    What the hell is wrong with my seedling?

    why is it like this?
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    Soil pH

    How important is soil ph? I heard that when the soil dry's, the ph returns to the original soil ph. So say u water with 6ph water, as it drys it gows back up (the soil ph is 8) correct? So this way u can have the plant get all the nutrients it needs
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    Seedling leaves turning yellow

    it's not as clear in the picture, but in real life the leaves in the middle are clearly yellow. why is that? i have it some nutrients, not a lot being a seedling the recommended dosage is 5ml/L i gave it 2ml/500ML white weed auto 2 weeks old today
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    Ready to up pot?

    White widow auto, 2 weeks old, ready to up pot? Any pointers?
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    Flowering photos

    Can photos flower under 14 hours of light outdoors?
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    1 week old seedlings

    she's 1 week old from when she came out the ground, how she lookin? when should i start giving it fertilizer? she suffered a bit, a few days were 10c. so i had to take her indoors.
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    Solo cup root development?

    how long does a seedling take to reach the bottom of the cup with the main root? (from when it sprouts out of the soil) just asking because i wanna try some watering techniques
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    Incorrect light schedule, can it hurt?

    i'm growing autos outdoors, rn temps are 28c, however, sometimes they drop too low for 1-2 days. is it ok if i bring my seedlings outdoors and use a light 24/7? can a broken light schedule hurt autos? i just put my seedling in the dirt, i take it in at night. it's 28 during the day, but it...
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    Direct sunlight

    how important is direct sunlight? i live in a perfect climate for growing outdoors, sadly due to my weed being stolen last year, i had to change spot, and my girls are only gonna be able to get half a day of direct sunlight. is it enough?
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    Too early for outdoors?

    i have a friend who is gonna start outdoors in march, isn't it too early? he did have success other years tho. Giorno T Media T min T max Precip. Umidità Vento Max Raffica Fenomeni Info 1 9 °C 4 °C 13 °C - 77 % 18 km/h - Nessuno 2 11 °C 4 °C 18 °C - 63 % 15 km/h -...
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    How far should I keep my LED bulb?

    i'm sprouting under a household 20w LED light, how far should it be kept from a 1 day old seedling?
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