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  1. dom2mac

    Searching for new posts

    Hey 420 mag. I love the new layout but I am having trouble with using the search for new posts function. Under settings>new posts I get the message "Sorry - no matches. Please try some different terms". I think it worked for me the first few times I have used it but then now all I get is the...
  2. dom2mac

    My Grow Journal Journal - Not A Typo

    Greetings fellow 420 growers, I have been reading these message boards for the past several months and have learned a great deal. I found myself drawn to the journals, and decided to document my journey but had no intention of posting one of my own instead, I took pencil to paper. Earlier...
  3. dom2mac

    Tap root up or down?

    As a new grower, I have been doing a lot of research on optimal growing techniques. I am a firm believer that a community can reach a consensus and quite frankly on this topic I am having a hard time finding what everyone thinks is the optimal way to plant your seeds. So do you: Plant the...
  4. dom2mac

    Cannabis for Tourettes Syndrome - Tics and spasms

    Greetings! Since I was 11 years old I have had Tourettes syndrome and I wanted to share my experiences and answer questions to those who might have gone down a similar path as mine. Like I said, my first symptoms started around the age of 11 with unexplained eye rolling that progressed into...
  5. dom2mac

    Photosynthesis - Light Intensity & Temperature

    Conclusion: At full sun spectrum at 100,000 lux or 9290 lumens per sqft additional lighting will provide no benefit to photosynthesis rates. At full sunlight temperature has a large impact on photosynthesis rates approximations for CO2 consumption 18C 300ppm 20C 325ppm 22C 350ppm 24C...
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