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  1. Barney86

    Help I need advice from an electrical engineer

    Posted in FAQs but no notice yet and can't find anything on the web. Need help with a prepay leccy meter malfunction. Any takers?? :) :)
  2. Barney86

    Think I've just broke my electricity meter!

    Well troops. I may have just ruined my last grow of the season. My "pre-pay" leccy better just stopped spinning. It looks like the screen is off in the pic but it's fully lit as usual. The numbers have dissapeared from the screen and the wheel inside has stopped spinning. I had a 15kg pull...
  3. Barney86

    Fully Organic, Cali Orange x Thai Stick!

    Wooowwe!!!! Check this out troops!!!! Only cost me £65 for a 1.8.... Turned out to be 1.5 once the stick was removed but check this shit out!!!!! Fully organic, Cali orange X THAID stick!! He says it stands for "This Has An Insane Dunt!!! Stick removed And finally spread out in all her...
  4. Barney86

    The history of the Ducksfoot strain?

    Evening troops. I'ts just popped up on another thread and decided it needed its own agenda. I've just thrashed Google for a while and the closest I got was "It's probably Australian" And the equally as descriptive... "It's probably mostly sativa" Does anyone know what "Ducksfoot" really is or...
  5. Barney86

    How to feed a reservoir: Non recirculating

    Right folks time for another how to thread for my sig. So how do we feed a reservoir then? Lots of people get put off hydro growing when they see the dramas people go through faffing about with pH levels and obsessing over ppms. The truth is if you set the Res right you don't need to do much...
  6. Barney86

    I think I've just figured out where the myth of flushing came from!

    Copied as part of my post from another thread. It explains the journey lol. No point writing it twice :) HOLY FUCK I THINK I'VE JUST SUSSED IT!!! I THINK I KNOW WHY PEOPLE FLUSH INSTEAD OF CUTTING THE NUTES!!!!! I was about to go on my usual rant there of why it's bad for them in coco but...
  7. Barney86

    All you need to know about how to feed in Coco

    Hi 420 ! So, As much as possible, I like to spend my time on here helping out new coco/hydro growers. I started out like those guys and someone spoon fed me untill I was a big boy and could handle reading a number on a stick. I'm finding myself spending my limited time here on the wrong...
  8. Barney86

    Can weed be crossed with other plants?

    Now before everyone starts jumping down my throat with science about how species can only breed within the own genus etc, I'm well aware. Doesn't mean it's impossible though. The known laws of physics say bees can't fly. If physics was right then we'd all be dead. Science gets things wrong...
  9. Barney86

    Fastest finishing autos?

    Sup troops. So, I'm gonna get myself some rapid finishing autos and thought you fine folks could point me in the right direction. Just want some smoke to keep me through while my photos do their thing. I always put autos on with my photos, 18/6 or 12/12 I don't bother. Doesn't really effect...
  10. Barney86

    Can you get stoned from trimming weed?

    So, I've just accidentally high jacked another thread with my views on this and thought it might be a good one for discussion. Can you get stoned from handling weed for 6 hours?? I've always swore it got me stoned. I'm not a heavy smoker so dont get wrecked very often. I generally smoke 2...
  11. Barney86

    Drying bubble hash?

    Hi guys just had my first successful run at bubble hash. Got nearly a hundred g but its still a bit wet. What's the best way to dry it out? Any suggestions?
  12. Barney86

    Anyone know where to find this?

    Looking for godfather OG seeds folks. Apparently the strongest shit available on earth right now so wondered if any of you fine people would care to share your experiences with the strain and where you got them from. Cant be bad if its winning best strain alive awards so figured a bit of...
  13. Barney86

    Anyone used biotabs in Coco?

    Howdy folks, as the title suggests, im looking to find if any of you have ever used biotabs in Coco? Im soon to be getting a 4pot autopot system and thought I'd try it out. I've seen a couple folk do it before but be buggered if I can remember who. I know biotabs are meant for soil but im...
  14. Barney86

    Need help with a pump

    So, just got a cheap recirc pump from amazon for a diy project. Cheeky bastard sent it withput a plug. Whats the crack with attaching one? Can i just go chop one off a broken air pump and attach it or does it have to be a specific plug? Im many things but a sparky sure aint one of them lol...
  15. Barney86

    Bubble hash, advice needed please

    Hi troops so, my current crop is fucked. Propper fucked. Light timer malfunction at the wrong time. On the plus side though I've probably got a pound or more of pretty potent, cabbage type buds lol. So im gonna get aquainted with my bubble hash bags. It came out shit the last time so im gonna...
  16. Barney86

    Barney's Perpetual Hydro House

    Hi everyone and welcome to my house of perpetual hydro madness. I've been here a while now so thought it was about time I started a propper journal. Got lots going on at the minute. Some ak420 seedlings cracking away in rockwools under cfl in the wardrobe. Some amnesia haze and "the edge"...
  17. Barney86

    Anyone ever revegged mid bloom due to faulty timer?

    Hi folks, having a bit of a drama here. Thought at first it was just wierd sativa genetics that takes ages to flower. First time I've done a sativa grow. Only grown 1 other sativa dom plant in 3 years and she done my head in. I've realised now though that I fucked up the lighting for a few days...
  18. Barney86

    Is it safe?

    Hi folks here's my situation. I've got my seedlings rooted up but my main space is still too busy for them. Need to give them some more juice as my seedling light needs replaced. I've got a 130w ballast and a 600w CMH bulb. Is it safe to put the big bulb in?
  19. Barney86

    Anyone grown these?

    Anyone grown Seedstockers ak420 photos? Just looking to see if anyone's got any journals on them. Googles only showing me the auto version. Just want to see what to expect from them as I've got 6 of them rooting up. Gonna do fabrics, hempys and hydro side by side to see what difference in yield...
  20. Barney86

    Sterile replacement for SM-90?

    Sup fellow stoners, I've just went to set my Res up after a break from hydro and realised that I've only got 2 weeks worth of sm-90 left and it's not for sale at the moment. Known for a while but forgot to sort it. What's the next best thing that runs the Res sterile? I'd prefer not to have any...
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