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  1. nivek

    Quick easy question

    you nailed the very clear to me mildew patch,, i have come to recognize all too well that that unusual thickening mass amongst the trichomes ,, arghhh, but nice trikkes, indeed,, just will need to clean er up,, all will be good. p.m. is near impossible to eradicate,, oh how i have tried. years...
  2. nivek

    Quick easy question

    blow on it?? ha,, spread it around some more perhaps,, it will not blow off, mildew. and, yes, looks like you have some,, a spray of 4 parts water and one part hydrogen peroxide. spray under and over the leaves soil and trunk and stems,, then be prepared for a peroxide bath after harvest...
  3. nivek

    Peace and love to her,, rest well kitty

    Peace and love to her,, rest well kitty
  4. nivek

    Weasel Forges Ahead

    heya weaseley,, tight lines friend,, interesting to read about the lemon haze/afghani cross, tight buns eh?? cool,, specially cuz i have two of em growing in flower right now,, and i tell ya what,, the one is frosty as all get out,, i'd post a pic but pics are a hastle agin and i aint playin...
  5. nivek

    Weasel Forges Ahead

    Heya friend. Bet the trip was wonderful. And stressful. But more wonder than stress. Glad y'all are safe. Cheers on the grow. Fine prep work I am working on my first 100 day plant. A g.t. carnival cross. Ugly as heck. Like yours get. Ha Will be back later with more chat. Cheers weaseley
  6. nivek

    Germinated seedling stopped growing: pics attached

    truth be told,, cfl's are becoming hard to find. i don't use them anymore but did for years and look whenever i go where they were sold,, i dunna see them these days
  7. nivek

    Male preflower?

    it sure does look male.. not too early at all,, both are quite different,, tho in micro form at this stage,, cheers for the boys just the fact that the 'ball' is not tucked right next to the stalk, like a female would be
  8. nivek

    What's in your Freezer?

    the honduras is one of the 'friends breeding',, a honduras /mama thai cross i believe,, i just harvested the first one,, so sativa
  9. nivek

    What's in your Freezer?

    i have some pollen in the freezer, but no seeds,, tho i have quite a few seeds,, no super specials,, but lots of sativas,, mostly my breeding or friends,, love me sativa, indeed my fav is perhaps a mama thai/thai stick cross,, wonderful earthy smell and a beauty buzz a cpl sativas,, honduras...
  10. nivek

    Bare minimum that I need to start growing?

    there is really only one absolute 'must have' to growing near anything a seed
  11. nivek

    Rabbit poop is here to stay!

    @Weaselcracker needs to be readin this,, cheers
  12. nivek

    420 Magazine's Photo of the Month: April 2020

    just cuz i be a goof,, a goofy pic to match. 'accidental grooviness',, or, 'tricks with tichomes' cheers and karma friends
  13. P1170774 (3).JPG

    P1170774 (3).JPG

  14. nivek

    420 Magazine's Photo of the Month: March 2020

    Cheers photogs. Fine workin it. Appreciation all round.
  15. nivek

    Weasel Forges Ahead

    heya friend,, cheers to yas up and out there,, good to see you being so busy at the house, enjoying some stability for a bit? the grafting,, a q please,, i know you have experimented with grafting in the past, plenty. has any of your experimenting resulted in a plant that you still use? i...
  16. nivek


    there is not a single thing in any of the pics to indicate anything about sex
  17. nivek

    Perplexing Bud

    the dots might be water drops? could be mites i would say reveg as well,, seen this a lot this year,,
  18. nivek

    Cannabis Decarboxylation

    i don't think one need get too technical with this. ovens have been used for centuries for this and will continue to be for eons perfection is for scientists in laboratories my still rule for decarbing is 110 at 110. 110 degrees celcius for 110 minutes. works for me, no need to fix it cheers
  19. nivek

    Sugar leaf trim

    no need to mention this so i wont,, everclear for internal 'or' external, iso for external only
  20. nivek

    Sugar leaf trim

    soak it in some isopropyl alcohol and drain and you have a super joint pain rub and a perfect hand sanitizer all in one,, cheers
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