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  1. juniorkush

    Ron Paul

    i hope and pray ron paul runs for president and pray he wins who else would vote for him i hope every single person on this site!!
  2. juniorkush

    Medical Marijuana Card

    hey i was wondering if i dont have medical history can i still get medical marijuana card.iv dislocated my left knee sevral times never went to hospital i knew the bill would be 2 much but untill this day i get really bad pains almost every day i live n montana would still be able to get medical...
  3. juniorkush

    How do u make canna oil

    im tryna learn how to make canna oil
  4. juniorkush

    How do you cook with cannabutter

    i kno how to make the butter but i need to kno how can u cook with it and can u cook other things besides the sweet stuff
  5. juniorkush

    Any one know how to make hash

    i wanna learn how to make hash
  6. juniorkush


    hey how do i mix canna butter with brownies and can i mix the cannabutter with rice or any other kinda food not just the sweet stuff
  7. juniorkush

    what sup to every 1 on 420

    im new jus wanted to say what up to every 1:ganjamon:
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