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  1. Heavenly Hybrid

    Heavenly Hybrid’s Hideout: Jump In Anytime

    Hello all and welcome to the next round of HH’s gardening show. What better day to start a new journal than on the Autumnal Equinox? Ahh, my favorite time of year. The days may be getting shorter outside, but it’s still a beautiful summer in the tent. I’ll be starting out with some autos in the...
  2. Heavenly Hybrid

    Favorite ways to use seeded buds?

    Hello 420 growers! :ciao: I’m still a bit of a noob and through my learning process, I’ve ended up with a couple rounds of seeded buds. The buds are still good, but I’m not much of a fan of picking out the seeds, and even less of a fan of the taste when I miss some. I’ve made some butter and...
  3. Heavenly Hybrid

    Heavenly Hybrid 2nd Grow: Blackberry Kush, Coco Grow, LED450

    Today I jump back in the tent with my 2nd ever grow! :slide: I got my seeds started under a smaller 75w LED light, just to get them going, then after they sprout a bit, they’ll be cozy under my Viparspectra LED 450w. This time around I’ll be using a coco and perlite mix, but for now they’re...
  4. Heavenly Hybrid

    Heavenly Hybrid 1st Grow: Mango Kush Indoor LED ScrOG Grow 2018

    Hey there! I’m a little late to the journal party, but I’ll stick to the idea of, better late than never. Here’s the info with a little catch up photo sequence. Join me, always learning and getting better! Let’s see, I’ve got 2 mango kush, planted on 7/3/18. Right now I’m at about 3 weeks into...
  5. Heavenly Hybrid

    Hi all! New to site and mid/late in my first grow: Happy to be in good company

    Hello! As I titled, I’m a new grower, but I’ve been smoking for decades. Time to save some dough and learn a cool-a** hobby!! I’m also interested in baking and edibles. I have two little ones, so I haven’t made anything *special* for a long while. Anyhow, not sure what else to say, but I’m...
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