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  1. arellanobrian

    MarsHydro Perpetual Grow: Multi-Strain, Coco Grow

    Hello everyone and welcome to my new grow journal, I took a small break from making a journals as i was getting used to my new location but im back on track. I decided to just make one continuous journal as i hate having to manage multiple if i do different experiments that dont go with the...
  2. arellanobrian

    Tangie & Green Love Potion Coco Grow - Mars Pro - RX Green Solution Tester

    Strian: Tangie By DNA Genetics/ Green Love potion By Sam Sara Seeds Grow Medium: 1 Part Cyco Coco + 3 Parts Used coco/perlite mix Pot Size: #5 nursery pots Lights: MarsHydro Pro series Epistar 160LED and 144x5 Reflector Both strains are currently at day 35 of flower Nutes: RX...
  3. arellanobrian

    2016 Mars Pro - Coco/Perlite - SCROG - Dark Dragon Kingdom Organic Seeds Pheno Hunt

    Welcome back to my Mars Pro series LED tester Grow! i have been honored with the chance to test out mars new pro series panel and have 1 grow under my belt with it. This time around i will be growing in my medium of choice, a perlite/coco mix so there should be minimal issues with increased...
  4. arellanobrian

    Mars Epistar Pro Series 160 LED Tester Grow - Dark Dragon - SCROG

    Hello :420: family!!! as some may already know I have been honored with the chance to test out he new Mars Pro Epistar 160 LED and have just received the light 3 days ago. There are alot of upgraded features like upgraded drivers and diodes for better efficiency and light intensity/PAR but some...
  5. arellanobrian

    Help With Reused Coco/Perlite Soil Mix

    I have a bunch of coco from my last grow and am not getting the best results from just reusing it so ive decided to step into making my first organic soil!! i have heard lots of great things of doc buds hi brix method but want to make due with what i have and add what i really need. im very...
  6. arellanobrian

    Arellanobrian's 2015 ThunderHaze Auto LED Grow - Coco Loco vs Reused Coco

    Welcome everyone and thank you for joining my second grow! I learned alot from my last grow with all the issues i had and while i know this probably wont be a perfect grow i feel that can keep them from having to many major issues this time around. The strains i will be growing are auto's and...
  7. arellanobrian

    Mars 2 LED Beginners Grow - FFOF - DWC

    First journal on this forum and cant be happier with the way this community seems to treat new growers. This journal is more for personal record then anything. That being said anyone out there that would like to check the grow out is welcome to contribute and comment :thumb:. So this is my...
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