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  1. Far East Buds

    To Sweeten or Not to Sweeten!

    I am a 4 year rookie at growing and have been on here for some time. (i skipped a couple years in here somewhere) I have a question I was hoping some vet's would chime in. I grow perpetual and have no issue with most of my yields. But in search of more dense nugs I thought I would increase my...
  2. Far East Buds

    Far East Buds Perpetual Run Has Continued!

    OK so here is the current deal. I have been growing all along (2014) but haven't been posting on 420 due to a lack of time and also motivation. I have continued with my perpetual run and have had up to 25 ? strains running simultaneously. I have things pretty well dialed in and consistent for...
  3. Far East Buds

    Sorta Back!

    I just wanted to say Hi! Former heavy poster. I took quite some time off and I am not even sure I am really back. But I think I will at least be around more. Glad to see some familiar peops.. Namaste FE
  4. Far East Buds

    Anyone Running Technaflora Nutrients?

    I am considering switching over to them. Anyones thoughts? I run Coco drain to waste and i think 50% on the base nutes have worked with the GH and CES nutes i have used. I just feel Technaflora has a more complete package with less containers. Or maybe they just explain it better. I have been...
  5. Far East Buds

    Light Bleaching

    So I run a T5,2x4 that draws like 480W. I had been running it at half power for the summer to avoid the heat. I recently turned it back on full power and recall I use to get bleaching of the leaves.... I was wondering how this effects the plants. It is in Veg as in flower I get a little...
  6. Far East Buds

    Better to water daily or every other?

    So lets give you a little run down of my deal here. I run Coco and drain to waste on automatic timer feed. I have been feeding daily with a little excess. So the pots never get dry. I have run a few plants through in this fashion and when I check the roots after harvest I really am not getting...
  7. Far East Buds

    Live Res PH Control - How do you manage it?

    So I will give you a run down of where I am at. I was running topfeed with timed drip cycles... I had issues and got pythium. Not really sure still how i did but anyway... Replaced almost everything twice and finally switched to a live res and coco medium. Immediately saw good results...
  8. Far East Buds

    Root bound

    I have some plants that are root bound in flower... Quick rundown.... I was using Top Feed drip recirculating with hydroton. Got Pythium and switched to drain to waste.. Swapped out most of the medium for coco... So far got rid of the Pyth but the plants obviously lost 80% of their roots...
  9. Far East Buds

    Pythium issue

    This is a recent issue I have had... this is my most recent post in perpetual grow. Battling pythium... So I spent several hours last night cleaning everything in Veg. All the plants had strong h202 run through the net pots. Every hose had it pump through it for quite qwhile and all tubs...
  10. Far East Buds

    Clones directly to hydroton

    I run top feed and my seeds I just popped directly into the hydroton and they really liked it. I was wondering why wouldn't clones like this??? Has anyone tried this? Thanks for reading!! FE
  11. Far East Buds

    Cutting Edge Solutions

    I recently did alot of changes to my grow area and was going to change up the Lucas method with Gh i have been using. My hydro shop recommended I use Cutting Edge Solutions products. I have read a good amount about them as much I can seem to find. It seems like a good fit for top feed hydro...
  12. Far East Buds

    TFDS Top Feed Drip System

    So I have been growing for well 7 months or so perpetually and have harvested a few times now. I was gifted a top feed system and decided to play with it for some of my veg plants. I use hydroton and DWC now. I am interested as I am switching plants around alot and nothing in the tubs but roots...
  13. Far East Buds

    Lucas Formula - Bloom nutes

    Ok so I'll summarize. I am on my 3rd/4th grow how ever you look at it as I started perpetual pretty much right off. Running 300W MHS setup for veg and 300W true LED for flower. Misc strains doing a variety.... For simplification reasons I have been using the Lucas formula and...
  14. Far East Buds

    How do you measure your PPM's?

    Hello everyone! I was curious in Hydro how everyone measures their PPM's? Do you add the cal/mag and nutes etc and that it your basis? Or do you not include things in your final PPM value? Currently I am using my TDS and what it tells me is what I consider the value. But i know some...
  15. Far East Buds

    Strains I should not top?

    Hello people. I am growing multiple strains at the moment and I thought I read somewhere there where some that did not like to be topped. I usually will only top once but don't want to hurt a plant that may see bad effects from it. Thanks for looking :peace: FE
  16. Far East Buds

    Anyone have a link?

    Doc Buds post on how to tell when to harvest... someone sent it to me and I can't find where they posted it for me .. ;/
  17. Far East Buds

    Pretty tough one - Any suggestions?

    I am week 6 of flower and I am starting to have a mite issue. Anything I can put on it this late to kill them and not kill my plant? Appreciate any advice...
  18. Far East Buds

    Ok week 5 - Flower leaves - Brown spots

    Anyone recognize these spots on the leaves. It's a hydro grow and ppm was a tiny bit high ph pretty close. 5.5 ph. 1170 PPM on nutes week 5 flower and about a week after defol. More details on the bottom of my page 1st dwc scrog. Thank you for looking
  19. Far East Buds

    To trim or not to trim!

    Hey peoples! So I am doing a scrog grow (see my link on bottom first scrog DWC grow) and I was wondering what people opinions on trimming or lollipop ping it. I am 4 weeks into flower and have a lot of undergrowth that is definately not seeing the light anymore. I have been told those leaves...
  20. Far East Buds

    What is plant stress?

    I m pretty much a noob so I wondered this. There is all this banter about stressing plants. LST vs HST. etc stress stress stress..... So in my first grow my errors seem to stunt and stress the plant. Do we have any scientific data on whether this slows down the plant or does it hurt yield? Both...
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