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  1. oks226

    H&G Top shooter gel

    It looks like this stuff is a replacement for shooting powder. It will be great for someone like me who only mixes up 2 gallons at a time. Don't know the price yet, but I bet it will be spendy like the roots xcellerator.
  2. oks226

    Smokin in Iraq

    Haven't heard of anyone talk about it outside of my circle yet. We use to get about 2 grams of hash for $100. It was great stuff, smoked it in hookahs, or broke it up and smoked it in Black & Milds...gotta love a 'freaked' black! lol We were in Ramadi, use to smoke out by the helipad, behind...
  3. oks226

    Cannabis oil and it's healing properties

    I have been reading a lot about Rick Simpson and hemp oil. A couple years ago I was making hemp oil for people to smoke. I made it pretty much the same way Rick does. After reading so many testimonials about Rick Simpson healing cancers and other ailments with hemp oil, I am extremely...
  4. oks226

    OKS Perpetual Purple Garden

    Hey All! I've just finished my first complete grow journal and learned some things that I am going to change to implement into this new grow. Firstly, after long deliberation I decided to go with a perpetual grow, I was 50-50 on it, liking the larger harvest, but not liking to wait 2 1/2...
  5. oks226

    Absolutely no clue on what size pump I need.

    I'm changing from soil to hydro and need to know what size pump I will need. I plan on running a drip system in a 4x4 area with 42 drip sites. Could someone please tell me how many GPH pump I should be looking for, maybe a min and a max. Also can I drain the water I drip back into the same...
  6. oks226

    AZAMAX...anybody use it?

    I have been readind and seeing a lot of things about azamax from GH. Anyone have any experience using it? What did you use it for, and did you get good or bad results?
  7. oks226

    37 days in nute burn? heat stress?

    Hey guys, I'm 37 days into flower and 5 of my 20 plants have developed something wrong. 2 of the 5 affected were watered with nutes yesterday, and worsened over night, so I thought its nutrient burn, but they were watered with weaker nutrients than the previous 2 weeks. The other 3 of the 5...
  8. oks226

    Purple Urkle

    Hey Everyone, Been a while since I could get on here and post, but now I'm up and running again. I have a 5 ft x 5 ft flowering room with 1000 watt lumatek digital HPS air cooled by a 8 inch vortex. I have the magnum XXXL reflector and love it! I'm running 20 plants in 11 liter pots. 15...
  9. oks226

    Growzilla 2000 watt HPS!

    Has anyone used this beast? If so is there a noticeable difference in growth compared to a 1000 watt?
  10. oks226

    12 Jedi Mind Trick... 10 days into flower

    Hey everyone. I love being on here and watching grows. I have learned alot over the years from observing new and improving methods documented here on 420magazine and have incorporated many of them into my grows. Currently I am growing in a closet dimensions : 6 1/2 ft long, 2 1/2 ft wide...
  11. oks226

    What is the best way to remove mite webs after they are gone?

    so the mites are gone, still have webs, should they just be picked off, burnt off, what is the best way to go?
  12. oks226

    Christmas tree Woes!

    So I picked up a beautiful christmas tree last tuesday, today I have webs on the top of my buds, yep, the dreaded spider mites. Just wanted to warn everyone, make sure you spray that tree down before bringing it in your house!! I'm using a cocktail of about 50% hydrogen peroxide, 50%...
  13. oks226

    Gravity, Purple Maxx, and Bushmaster

    So I just picked up a few samples of Gravity, Purple Maxx, and Bushmaster from my local hydro store, the Purple Maxx is suppose to turn your crop purple?!? I dont care about that, but it is also suppose to help your plant uptake nutrients better, anybody tried it? Also the Gravity is suppose to...
  14. oks226

    Humidity to high!

    Hey all, my dehumidifier went out and I can't afford a new one for about a week. My humidity in my flower room gets up around 75%-80% at night now. They are only in day 3 of 12/12, so I'm thinking I should be okay for a week, but humidity causes huge problems in flowering that I would like to...
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