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    'Mite' loose my Harvest

    hotshot no pest strips work and will continue to work for months. I just had a bad mite infestation and the hotshots killed em dead in 24 hours. I got mine at home depot
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    Need to pass on 3/4/09

    i put your chances at 50 50 depending upon your level of saturation. the drinks dont work btw lots of water and anything that makes you sweat will help as well best of luck to you mang
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    What are you paying for an ounce?

    on the rare ocasion i do a sale i charge 10 a gram 280 an oz. the local prices right now are 400-600 for an oz of medical grade and 100-200 an oz for schwag. i think mine fits in the medical grade catagory
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    Interesting thoughts you've had while stoned?

    there is a huge karmic gap with pot the plant and the people. it on one hand a drrug of use and abuse to some a way to escape reality and not have to think about the improtant things in life sic deflated kid on the couch ads on tv, on the other hand it is a truly life saving medicine to others...
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    Oldman420s perpetual medical grow

    i indeed work from all moms. its the only way to do it i can think of you know what your gettin thataway
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    Oldman420s perpetual medical grow

    its haircut time ,going to wack the shit out of my 3 satori moms today to try and shorten them up and get about 20 clones. the 20 ww cuts I took last week are all standing up healthy and i will likely get roots today and in the next few. next will be a run of critically smashed and then if im...
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    love what youve done with the place sure looks fun and colorfull! jerome

    love what youve done with the place sure looks fun and colorfull! jerome
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    420 Magazine's Mission Statement

    word brother word
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    420 Magazine's Plant of the Month Contest: February 2009

    that lavern is just outstanding man,just outstanding. whats the heritage of her.looks sort of like a combo of the chronic and sadhu
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    For all who want a card but

    Re: For all who want a card but.. good thread folks i am pleased at all of the valid open minded comments here. i have smoked pot all day every day for the last 20 years and i am just fine thank you, i am functiional and pay my bills as well as helping others with life threatening conditions...
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    Amateur Betty Crocker needs HELP!

    hey astro, take that bud and a stick of better and a quart of water, simmer in a biggish pot for 20-30 mins replacing the water as it reduces. then pour through a cloth strainer and wring it good saving the liquid. put the butter water mix into the freezer for long enough for the butter to...
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    my paitents find reliefe form depression from comsuming canna but its strain dependant.some can even make it worse,i have found that the more up happy strains such as hashberry afghooey and satori are remarkable whereas critically smashed ww and some of the heavy indicas exagorate depression in...
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    Safe Access To Medical Marijuana Is In Danger In Colorado

    indeed they are trying an end run. by redifining significant care they ahve in essence outlawed despensaries and clinics,compasion clubs. this will indeed make it harder for people to get their medicine. it stems from the beliefe by the rule makers that med users are just a bunch of hippies...
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    Chronic Nausea

    i have 2 patients with cancer and nausea issues, some but not all varieties seem to help out with it. some do not. my sadhu is an excelent anti nausea drug as is afghooey. however my white widow doesnt seem to help those. it seems that the more up types of herb sats and such work better than...
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    Oldman420s perpetual medical grow

    never grew out any dinafem beans but if its a good widow you wont be disapointed kushberry sounds like it may be lacking but blueberry is a sure winner. best of luck to you friend
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    Oldman420s perpetual medical grow

    hey there biggreen hashberry is indeed easy to grow but she has a milder chill out buzz not the heavy type stone. i would recomend nervanas ww for a consistant easy to grow knockout variety. also afghooey is a winner in that catagory but shes clone only. if you can get ahold of some...
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    Best cloneing gel out in the market?

    i use clonex its expensive but works really good
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    MY First Grow!

    yes and yes you may have to convert it to fit in the box but hell ya that light will make a huge difference over cfls good luck man and if you need any help feel free to pm me
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    DEA Busts Fort Bragg Co-op

    thats cali for ya the feds are all over the coops there. it seems that the coops are getting the main heat from the feds most likely due to the fact that they make cash and that just pisses leo off something fierce. amd on a side note its not the smartest move to be growing and running a...
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