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  1. Bnelly

    Herb Grinder Tooth Design?

    Happy Monday! Welcome to my thoughts haha pull up a chair, share thoughts, etc. These next bunch of words are gonna sound incredibly stoner-like. Please bare with me :ganjamon: So after smoking my after school bowl I remembered a post and thoughts from a few days ago, I freefalled, or would it...
  2. Bnelly

    Is this a K deficiency?

    As the title suggests I think it looks like K def but also havent seen it before. I have been giving cal mag every watering/feeding. Strain: Blueberry Kush Age: 3 months Container: 5 gal fabric pot Media: 3/1 FFOF/FFHF with 20% perlite Light: Outside Temps: around 80s in the sun RH: 30-40%...
  3. Bnelly

    Crit x CC Auto Outside

    The purpose of this grow is to share and gain experience with the whole process of flowering, harvesting, and drying/curing. I have another grow journal for my main harvest). I figured the best way for me to not f up harvesting and etc is for me to go through it with just a single plant first...
  4. Bnelly

    GG#4, CBD Kush, or Critical x Crema Cheese Kush

    I am seeking advice and hopefully even experience in choosing which strain i should grow first. This is my first time with autos, I am about 3 months in on my photoperiod growing. My reason for this first grow is to gain experience with flowering, harvesting, drying, and curing before my...
  5. Bnelly

    Black spots on both sides of leaves

    I noticed these black spots this morning while feeding the plant. Looking under my loupe it appears to not be foreign, looks like it is leaf material. Any ideas? The spots all show through to the top of the leaves. I sprayed with neem oil on Sunday and switched to agromagen on Wednesday, I...
  6. Bnelly

    Mag def and what else?

    I have what I believe to be a Mg def, from the brown rusty spots on the lower leaves. However the new growth is also looking kind of weird, almost like there isn't enough chlorophyll being produced in the areas. Reasons for Mg def, I have pretty hard tap water and I was adding cal mag to it, so...
  7. Bnelly

    Ideas for support on multiple plants

    Hey all, I've been doing some research trying to find the best way to support my plants before they get too big and cant really decide on the best option as this is my first grow. I've got plenty of time as they are being grown outdoors and are photoperiod plants. My situation: I've got 7...
  8. Bnelly

    Nute Burn Advice Wanted

    Hey all im getting some nute burn with some of my plants. Heres what I got: Its granddaddy purple Using 3:1 FFOF:FFHF with 18% perlite added Using 5 gal fabric pots Growing them outdoors All water is ph'd to ~6.5 Temps are 60s Only nutes I've used on these is: Cal/Mag 5ml/gal Root Stim 3...
  9. Bnelly

    SNS244 Killing Plants!

    After reading the rave reviews of and it effectiveness and safeness, I sprayed sns 244 last night as a preventative measure, and I woke up this morning to find it 2 of my plants freakin wrecked. Sprayed at night and when they were cool. Please help
  10. Bnelly

    Weird leaves on seedling

    To start this seedling had some issues and opened up with cotyledon facing down. Slowly got her facing up but shes always had odd leaves. Weird note, it has 4 bladed leaves?? Granddaddy Purp Using Sungro Black Gold Seedling mix Ph 6.2 Currently inside but goes out when clouds arent bad. On...
  11. Bnelly

    Bryan's Soil In & Outdoor Grow 2020

    Hey all, I figured the best way for me to learn from mistakes and hopefully from others mistakes and knowledge is to make this journal. This is my first time growing, I'm about 1.5 months in for my oldest plant, out of 5 fem seeds that I bought only 1 has made it but she has been nothing but a...
  12. Bnelly

    Need help, first grow

    2 Grand Daddy Purple, 1 Skywalker Hybrid (small plants), and 1 Blueberry Kush (bigger plant) Vegging for 3 weeks and 1.5 months Growing in buckets outdoors. I also have 60w grow light inside for cloudy days for the smaller plants (gopher problems) Soil used is Fox Farms OF and Sungro Black Gold...
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