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    Oldman420s perpetual medical grow

    hello all i hope your happy and well medicated. i am a licenced mmj provider for the state of colorado. i have 6 patients right now and they do keep me busy. i grow mostly in soil but dabble with waterfarms on the side. my setup consists of a 12 x 12 room subdevided into a veg and flower side...
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    Critical to colorado growers and caretakers

    the colorado dept of health is trying to do an end run around the constitutional right to use medical marijuana. they are doing this by making it much more difficult to be a provider /caretaker. they are trying to define a caretaker as one who is significantly responsable for the care of the...
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    Action alert!

    if you are a colorado patient or caretaker you need to help get this overturned. taken from sensable colorado website: Colorado Action Alert Safe Access to Medical Marijuana is in Danger! The Colorado Health Department is acting to restrict patient access to medical marijuana. In...
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    hello there folks I am oldman420 aka 420 at hg420. i have been around a spell and have been online with my garden since 2003 at overgrow.com. I am a licenced provider for 6 patients in colorado with ills ranging form stress to chronic pain and hiv/aids. I grow primarily indoors in the winter and...
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