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    Basic primer on Light Emitting Diodes

    I posted this in Ronnie's grow journal and felt it would get a few more views and help some people make a more informed decision when it comes to LED lighting. This is an attempt to clarify some of the information and misconceptions. Remember that this is in general terms and not all diode...
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    The Basics Of Plant Lighting

    The same questions get ask repeatedly and in a number of different ways. In this post I’m going to cover all of the BASIC information about plant lighting, how much of what type of light you need, why some systems work better than others, wavelengths, lumens, PAR, the Emerson Effect, PS1 and...
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    Green Light Induces Shade Avoidance Symptoms

    I generally don't start topics but I felt complied to share this information. We have discussed panels with green LEDs and what uses they may have in this forum before. Some companies say it's required, some point to the NASA study as it suggesting green (when it actually suggest otherwise)...
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