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  1. SoilGirl

    Need help finding a sturdy 5'x5' grow tent with all the fixings.

    Never bought a grow tent before, only heard of one site to go look at them (perfectgardens), don't really know where to start. I like what I've seen there but I want to ask around and do more research. I want to move a 5x5 tent into my room and run a Mars II 1600w LED and maybe 2 Old Model...
  2. SoilGirl

    SoilGirl's Organic In & Out Journal 2015

    Welcome to my Indoor/Outdoor all organic soil grow journal. :) I'll be growing quite a few strains all in organic soils; mostly LOS/ROLS (Living Organic Soil/Recycled Organic Living Soil - just search either of these terms and there's a wealth of information out there for beginners) ... but I'll...
  3. SoilGirl

    SoilGirl's Indoor Organic Soil Medical Grow Journal - Mars II 1600 & Other LEDs

    Hi Everyone! - I'm finally ready to start my Indoor Grow Journal... keeping everything short and simple, of course. lol ;] Before I get started I just wanted to say thanks to everyone here that has welcomed me in the last few months, and shared their great humor, compassion, and endless...
  4. SoilGirl

    SoilGirl's Soil Multi-Strain Grow Journal 2014

    *What strain is it? - I'm going to be growing 2 unknown Hybrids, Black Bubba Kush, Euphoria, Chem Dawg, and Sweet Kush, all from MMJ dispensaries in Denver and Boulder. *Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? - I have Indicas, Sativas, and Hybrids *Is it in Veg or Flower stage? - My...
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