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  1. thebeast27

    Auto Growers Club

    Well good day all.this thread is for auto growers. Here is a place to share the love of autos share info ask questions.show ur grow journels and pics of your plants.anything autoflower is welcome so dont be shy fellow auto growers.i as always will be here sharing my love of autos .and to...
  2. thebeast27

    Sponsored Grow - Goliath & The Beast Auto Topping

    Well good day growers, followers, friends, and bros;) like to introduce u to my new sponsored grow.all welcome growers;).blackdiamond perfectsun goliath 1000 is the light.and im the beast;) this grow i will be growing autos and topping and training as i always do. got lots of test seeds to go...
  3. thebeast27

    Auto Grow - Topped Versus Untopped

    Hello 420 growers hope ur all having a fine day.this new journel is to showcase dutch passion auto brooklyn sunrise. Topped vs untopped. 1 of the strongest and best indica genetics about to date;) so im looking forward whats to come.so these 2 plants will share a tent with other plants but they...
  4. thebeast27

    700W LED - Auto Topping Grow - 2 Plants

    Well good day all.and welcome to a fresh new auto topping led grow.this time i.have a slighly smaller mylar tent to house just 2 plants at a time. The 2 plants is this grow are automazar and northern light blue automatic. These 2 plants are sat in genereal compost another self set...
  5. thebeast27

    Growers' Favourite Autos

    Well good day all this new thread has been an idea of a few fellow growers so i cnt take all the credit.il just do my best;) so schtiggy, sonic, and xeno all fine fellow gardners of this comunity.these fine men will be assisting me and here to answer any questions anyone have may and share top...
  6. thebeast27

    600W HPS AutoXtreme Grow

    Well as promised the 600 hps grow has began.i have 3 autoxtremes in 11 litre pots filled with biobizz lightmix.my feeding will be the same as always;) these girls dont have a tent to play in.they are just in a room sat under the 600 hps and also a fan is present for plant health ;) well thats...
  7. thebeast27

    Big Yield Auto Seeds

    Hi all this thread is for info pics questions thoughts and general discussion on heavy weight and top quality auto beans.if u have grown a auto that has suprised u with results.true to its info? Smoke quality? Time seed to harvest.who is your fav seed bank? all love of the cannabis plant is...
  8. thebeast27

    Auto Topping Thread

    well since my current grow has had so many followers .thanks so much.but I see everyone wants to learn about topping autos.so this thread is for any1 curious about topping autos.or if u have topped an auto share your experience.any questions thoughts pics info or general discussion .all is...
  9. thebeast27

    Auto Topping LED Grow

    Auto topping 700w led big yield grow.:welcome::volcano-smiley::420::thumb:
  10. thebeast27

    Auto Grow

    Well here i am again.starting a fresh journel of 3 big yield auto seeds.il update with info as i go along.well seeds came today so currently soaking in a glass of water before been transferd into tissue.here are the seeds which i will be growing;):welcome:
  11. thebeast27

    Sleestack Grow

    Well its been a while i have still been growing but due to some personal issues i have had to be carefull .but i.have some good seeds and good equipment and just started a new grow. And thought id share it with all on 420 magazine.it is a wonderfull place :)
  12. thebeast27

    Auto Critical & Cash Crop Auto Grow

    hi well here I am again lol. this time I want to try just 2 plants 1 of each as stated above:). auto critical from kera. and cash crop auto cream of the crop. both these plants are autoflowering seeds. I will upload pics soon of the grow room. these plants will be grown in standard soil just to...
  13. thebeast27

    Auto Pounder Grow

    well here i am again a new grow journel lol. this time im going to try the auto pounder ment to very high heavy yield 1 of the best autoflower seeds about.time will tell ha ha. well my plant is just above soil at the moment and been put into the tent so im looking forward to see what happens...
  14. thebeast27

    My First Grow From Seed - GH Big Bang & Super Bud

    hi every1 well here i am starting my grow journel of my first grow. il add pics later. at the moment im 3 and a half weeks into flower on my super bud. and my big bang plant has just been put into flower. my set up is a 0.8x0.8x1.6 grow tent which i bought not made lol. also in there is new 600...
  15. thebeast27


    Just signed up . Hope to meet new ppl share info and show my grow. Happy days:) hi all
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