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  1. Gardener022

    Watched Threads

    I have a question why are some threads watched or screened while others are not.
  2. Gardener022

    Oatmeal Mycelium

    I have read somewhere that a grower on used oatmeal to create oatmeal mycelium. I've seen this on google but can not find it. Has anyone tried this before.
  3. Gardener022

    Screw up in week 6

    On the 15th got into a rush and forgot to turn off room lights. They were on for 8 hours before i found them. At that point wasn't much I could do. Had to go out of town so I fed them and I returned 3 days later all i seen was green balls. I knew i screwed up but was surprised that it...
  4. Gardener022

    What I found this morning

    While inspecting my girls this morning this is what I found, Hermies. I am almost into my 6th week of flower, so is it safe to say this can happen at any stage or these bag seeds have this trait.
  5. Gardener022

    The 5th week of Veg

    I am into the 5th week of flower just wanted to know what I should be looking for in bud growth. My buds look a little small at this point. I am running 650 ppm and pH is 6.6. I am using a 8 bulb T-5 432 watts 3000k. I am using the Botanicare Trio the base has extra cal-mal in it. All comments...
  6. Gardener022

    Back on forum

    I am gardener022 have been gone for awhile just started a new grow and by the way I am legal now.
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