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    Nutrient lockout?

    Anyone experience nutrient lockout? Or possibly a fungus that could cause issues like this? Been growing for years but recently I've had most of my plants slowing loosing leaves from the bottom up. Some are worse than others, this pineapple flash is stunted pretty bad. The leaves will turn...
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    Leaf septoria or something else?

    Trying to figure out some issues. Plants are a little under the weather. Seems like it's starting from these spots wondering if it's leaf septoria? Temps, humidity, and pH are all good. Starts on lower leaves and they eventually dry and fall off.
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    Lower leaves dying

    Just wondering what people think is causing my lower leaves to die off?
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    Clone problems

    I've been having some problems with cuttlings being successful. Temp and humidity is good but they seem to will and not root.
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    Leaf damage

    I've been treating with Green Cleaner for some mites and I'm wondering if it's caused some leaf damge. I always take them out of the light when I spray. I wait until they are dry to put them back under the light.
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    Need help diagnosing, weird new growth

    Need help figuring what is going on with these plants in veg. I've been growing in the same space for years with no problems like this. I'm growing in rockwool with flood and drain tables under T5s, for veg. I was thinking it was possibly from over feeding but I've dropped the nutes down from...
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