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  1. stoneotter

    White Rhino, CBD Cream & Cheese & Stankberry Medley

    :circle-of-love: Hello and Welcome, I'm going to do my best to maximize these 4. Everything is on the table for a no holds barred photoperiod grow. It's more fun when we're all in! :circle-of-love: Thanks for dropping by. :circle-of-love: We're growing: a White Rhino - Greenhouse Seeds a CBD...
  2. stoneotter

    WeedSeedsExpress Godfather OG In LOS Scrogged & Cored

    Hello Welcome to my journal! I'll/we'll be growing some of the highest thc rumored cannabis cultivars On The Planet. WeedSeedsExpress has kindly and generously provided the seeds and I couldn't be more pleased to give them a chance to reflect to us what they can really do in my Living Organic...
  3. stoneotter

    Journals and such

    A "Mar"sian Darkness Falls in Otterville. (Done) 2019 Strawberry Cough? - Yes Please! LOS Grown. (Done) 2019 Lemon OG Candy Philosopher seeds from Cannapot. (Done) 2019 Four Fine Fall Phillies (Done) 2018 Stoneotters Massachusetts Outdoors Tutankhamon and Pineapple Chunk (Done) 2018...
  4. stoneotter

    Pandamonium Grow Blackberry Auto

    High and welcome to my 2020 Pandemic Grow! :green_heart: :peace: BLACKBERRY AUTO by 420FAST BUDS :peace: HAPPY SAINT PATRICK'S DAY! Nice day for a green wedding! Here we go. Time for yet more indica inda house and the auto tent got a good clean. Sooo I changed the way the light hung by...
  5. stoneotter

    Drying & Curing Question

    Hi, when I know for sure my fresh bud is dry to say 60% and it's in jars. Is that the end of burping? I'd like to know if burping is for rh control? Or is it a factor in the cure?
  6. stoneotter

    Appleberry & BabyBoom Autos: Meds In LOS

    :circle-of-love: Welcome! I hope to grow these Indica leaners for our comfort and joy. So come for a visit and ask about anything at all. Or fly by in stealth mode. It's all good! We have an indica leaning tentload of medicine. It's not just a plant! It's our Medicine! :party: Hi, I have...
  7. stoneotter

    Otterfarm Flooded! NextLight Mega Responsible!

    :love: Welcome :love: Secure Your Shades There's A New Light in Otterville! And I Couldn't Be Happier To Show You All! You know things are good when you can think back and say, what days have been better than this one, and birth of children come to mind. Today's one. My Nextlight Mega came...
  8. stoneotter

    Out Of The Tent Extraction Setup

    Here's a way to get the extraction equipment out of the tent. I made this one to hang. There's other options for other sizes of filters if you think about it. Here's the pictorial. Let me know if you have questions. And the Muffler section
  9. stoneotter

    A Mar-sian Darkness Falls In Otterville

    WooHoo! Years I've been anticipating this grow! These Dark Devil Autos are going to Blow My Little Mind!! I get to feature the new TSW2000 LED light gifted to me from Mars hydro and their 3 x 3 grow tent that measures a bonus 40 x 40 inches! That's two dreams coming true here. A full...
  10. stoneotter

    Strawberry Cough? Yes Please! LOS Grown

    Hi, I have a cloned Strawberry Cough that's been chugging along waiting for her day in the sun. Her life began with me wanting to learn how to root a cut. It worked and I've been keeping her for 5 or 6 months. The growth is very different from seed. Crazy different! Already I've taken many...
  11. stoneotter

    Egg, polypy looking thing needs ID

    Hi, I found this stuck on the stems of my plant 11 days into flower. 3 so far. They are very tiny, about twice the size of a line on a sheet of lined paper. Have you seen these before?
  12. stoneotter

    Lemon OG Candy Philosopher Seeds From Cannapot

    Cannapot sure is generous to give these seeds to a few of us for the price of journaling. Thank you Cannapot. Thank you Philosopher. I'm really excited to try and grow them! Genetics Lemon OG Candy was created by crossing an elite Super Lemon OG clone with a selection of the renowned Amnesia...
  13. stoneotter

    How much Calcium can a Calcium-hungry plant possibly need?

    Hi all I have a Strawberry Cough in first week of flower showing signs of calcium def.. She's the only one in the tent acting like this. Have you ever had to use more than the recommended max dose on the bottle of calmag?
  14. stoneotter

    Four Fine Fall Phillies

    I'm excited to bring these 4 potent potentials to you all. Some older and some brand spankin new. I haven't grown any of them so it's a surprise to me exactly what's coming down the road. Some goals are to have an organized journal that folks can understand. Grow different cultivars. I've grown...
  15. stoneotter

    Missing Seeds

    Hi. Wondering if True North has changed their shipping strategy to sending a manila envelope with a Canuk catalog only in it. Then sending seeds in a different shipping. I got the catalog today with no seeds. Anyone experience anything like this?
  16. stoneotter

    Tutankhamon: Grown & Smoked

    Whew I'm finally enjoying this enough to let you know what I think it's all about so far. I grew it outdoors as organically as I could. All grow she stunk like strong skunk. Only during trimming did I smell menthol. That's the main taste I get when I smoke it in a joint. It's a light flavor...
  17. stoneotter

    How much PM is OK if washing buds?

    Hi, things seem to change by the hour on my outdoors grow. One girl is close to the end and is having some pm issues. I have been spraying with defguard @ 3 day intervals for a couple of weeks. I don't want to ruin the bud flavor any more than I might have already. It's a bacteria spray. We're...
  18. stoneotter

    Leaf dis-coloring outdooors

    Hi The tut is in 35 gal cloth pot outdoors has a small section starting to show a problem. Today is the first I've noticed it. Calcium def. is what the pics tell me but I'm new at this diagnosis thing. We're 3 or 4 weeks away from finish I think. It' getting cool at night. Here's some pics. Thanks
  19. stoneotter

    Critter ID wanted

    Hi Thanks for looking at this some of us are trying to figure out what the hell this is on the underside of the lowest leaves on the shade side of her highness. First pic is the way it sits. Second pic is after I tipped it off the leaf. No legs? Any bug experts about? Appreciate ideas
  20. stoneotter

    Tutankhamon & Pineapple Chunk Outdoors In Massachusetts

    Hello All, please come and help me enjoy the rest of the summer grow in my yard. Positive comments welcome! I'm fairly new at this and need guidance from time to time. Enjoyment is free. This is exciting for me. Lots of firsts. All being good. First outdoor grow, tut, pineapple chunk, both from...
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