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  1. stoneotter

    Stanks Switch It Up In 2019

    All the Stankberries I've grown(#) have perfect symmetry. It runs into the next generation as the stankberry x blue dream cbd is just a uniform. Nice trait to have.
  2. stoneotter

    Chef De Green Does It All: Reveg, Clones, Autos & Photos

    Great looking cookies and chem Chef! You got some tasty highness there.
  3. stoneotter

    Virgin Ground And The Little Star Asterion

    Cannabidiol is something that I read about in the early 70's. My iso2(isomerizer) hash oil machine back then had a book mentioning it. I think the procedure was to treat the flower with sulphuric acid, then evaporate it away. It said it would increase the high. Never did it because I was afraid...
  4. stoneotter

    I need help please a bit stuck

    WOW! Maybe a bonus plant. Hope they both grow to monsters!
  5. stoneotter

    Grandpa Tokin’s Perpetual

    Knocking it out of the park as always GT! Nice!
  6. stoneotter

    Heavenly Hybrid’s Hideout: Jump In Anytime

    Beautiful update heavenly. They all look better than perfect! I'm like you getting a little behind here. Oh well, better times are a coming!
  7. stoneotter

    Show Us Your Oddities: The Cool, Unexplained And Unusual!

    Looking happy as it gets!
  8. stoneotter

    First time grower: getting to the end stage now!

    Beautiful! Smokey! Nice plants!
  9. stoneotter

    Sjaakie's Wedding Gelato Clones

    You got that right!
  10. stoneotter

    New light

    Hi Nicke, looking good! I run a mars hydro and love it!
  11. stoneotter

    Virgin Ground And The Little Star Asterion

    Sorry about your tree friend. I carved a chain roach clip in my younger daze. 3 links and a place for a hole for the clip. Maple though, i did it in soft pine.
  12. stoneotter

    PCaddicts Second Grow Featuring Seedsman & Budget LED, Growing Amnesia Fast & Sweet Tooth

    Not for a couple of months. I have to stay close to you guys now. I'm seeing great tips already! I appreciate your grows big time! I wouldn't have started them at 11/13 without you guys. I believe I grew a super sativa in my lemon og candy grow. One of the 4 went berserk and I fought it the...
  13. stoneotter

    Could it really be 10 years?

    Good to have you back BassBong! I see "everything's better with a bag of weed"!
  14. stoneotter

    Heyyo from Niagara

    Yes, anything thoughtfully made is a gem to see! Hehe or not so thoughtful, peeps can help tweak a work in progress.
  15. stoneotter

    I need help please a bit stuck

    I'd like to watch your grow KUSHMAN. Any journal?
  16. stoneotter

    Quick easy question

    Hi Dfirstever, since there's some contention on the PM, If you do a good budwash you should be good. Also the spray nivek is talking about. https://www.420magazine.com/community/threads/bud-washing.200881/
  17. stoneotter

    Exceptionally High FECO Yields

    Hello Maritimer :ciao: Meet my friend with the same prognosis as Survivor X and Yourself. He found the perfect hat! Hope all is well on the homefront!:love::peace::green_heart:
  18. IMG_6481.jpg


    Nice Hat!
  19. stoneotter

    Maine 4-Season Greenhouse Grow

    Way to go Blew! Sometimes we just have to change things up. Good growing, and stay sharp and healthy.
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