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    Cannabis grow and music

    I also heard talking with the plants help them grow better and faster, but it never worked. :)
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    Depression Insomnia & Dealing with a Death

    Hi johnnyblazeon, I can only imagine the sadness and misery you and your family have gone through. I, too, have lost family. Please know that you are not alone in your grief and that in one way or another you will come to accept your brother's fate. The pain will never disappear but it will be...
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    Less Depression with Cannabis?

    I am often in a depressed mood and I am very sensitive to what others think and say about me. I do not want to be drug-dependent and I was wondering if there was a greater percentage of people with depression who could attest that using medical marijuana can decrease or cure depression. Please...
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    Help Me Out

    Hi, I'd really love to know more about battling and tackling depression. How do you deal with your day to day stresses? Do you think depression can be best treated with medications or by natural remedies?
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    Canada Guy's Medical Fusion Grow

    Thanks for the reply. Just wondering if you have an idea about hemp helping with decreasing depression?
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    Kurple Fantasy #1 - Imperial Genetics - Questions

    Thanks for the response. Would you know if KF somehow cures depression?
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    Kurple Fantasy #1 - Imperial Genetics - Questions

    I heard things about Kurple Fantasy, a few descriptions of it and its relaxing effects. I am interested in learning how to grow this strain. Would you happen to know if growing KF follows the same process as most of the varieties?
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    Help needed

    I suggest doing more research about it. I'm trying to plant and grow some of my own too and I need a lot of help like you. I ask my questions here but I also do a lot of research to learn more.
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    Canada Guy's Medical Fusion Grow

    Hi. I just have a question for those who have been planting hemp for quite some time. My hemp plants have started growing about 3 inches but I noticed the leaves falling off. Is that normal? If not, how can this be avoided? Thanks and I hope someone can enlighten me on this one.
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    I think my home grown is making me sick

    I see. Now i somehow get it.
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    Magical Butter Device Makes Hassle Free CannaButter

    That looks delicious! :circle-of-love:
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    420 Magazine's Mission Statement

    WOW! very well said!
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    Guess the weight

    Hello. I'm also new here :D
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