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    Purple Caper Seeds

    Hello lads Purple Caper seeds are now available in the UK, has anyone tried them? Been on their website and there isn't much information or any specific growing advice. Plenty information about the male plants they use. I think they also have a connection with a company called Dark Heart...
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    CMH in medium Adjusta-Wing-Avenger vs HPS vs Mars 2000 Quantum LED

    I currently flower under 4 x 600 HPS in Adjusta - Wing hoods supplemented with a single 315 CMH in the middle. During the summer my temps were sky high as was my electricity bill, so thinking of a change. My grow area is 6ft x 9ft with 1 ft extra space on all sides so my current light set up is...
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    PPm/EC for Mini Rockwool Croutons, GH 321 recipe, Capn Style

    Hello all this is my first post here. Would be very grateful for any replies. Hello all going to give Mini Rockwell cubes a go recirculating top feed 15 minutes twice each day, Capn Style. Will be using GH 3 part series @ 1-1-1 seedlings, 3-2-1 veg, 1-1-1 transition for 2 weeks, 1-2-3 through...
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