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    is it...Overwater, old nutes, rootbound or what? WITH PICS

    Hey all I have been having an issue with my plants for over a week now (about 10 days) strain: 3xTrainwreck, 3xSourdiesel, 3x some kind of Sativa (i'm medicated and forgot the strain) lighting type: 600xHPS, @500 w of T5 panels on the sides of the plants, T12 strips (on the bottoms of the...
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    GTMan steppin up

    Yuppers it's time! I'm taking the step into actually joining this community instead of just lurking and reading. After many years or so of reading, wishing wanting, to grow on my own I actually started growing about 18 months ago and have been through multiple harvests now. I am no where near a...
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    About to Harvest! Infestated with 2 kinds of Aphids

    Ok Everyone. I have 3 plants in a store bought coco/soil medium under 500 watts of all around mixed spectrum 2700K & 6500Kfluorescent (CFL and T5 panel) lighting that have been FIMMED and TOPPED I am in week 9 of flowering after 2.5 months of veg ( I fimmed and topped a lot) and am within 3 to...
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    OverWatering and Nute...With Pics!

    Alright guys here's my specs Strain: Clones of unknown type lighting type: SIDE: 2 4"T-5 panels TOP:CFL. 6x23 2x42 1x68 in a pvc rectangular hood. lighting timing: 24/7 lighting height from plants: top 1-2 inches, side 3-4 inches vent method:open doors and small fan grow method: soil...
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