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  1. jetsgrower

    Quick Journal

    Hi guys and gals been super Bizzy last couple of months but still growing here is a rundown of the gelato auto grow fast buds it was super frosty had to change gloves a couple times super dense my favourite strain now it’s amazing a must try took 11 weeks start to finish used remo supercharged...
  2. jetsgrower

    Aquarium lights

    hi guys a quick question can I use my 48" 80watt double tube fluorescent light for veg my closet gots bud growing in it and I would like to start gelato auto bruce banner auto and blackberry auto in my 60 gallon tank thanks
  3. jetsgrower

    First time cannabutter

    this was my first time making cannabutter used my shake and trim from my first grow critical purple and gorilla glue auto. it took 7 hours slowcooker gonna test it tonite got some company over so ill cook them up something lol
  4. jetsgrower

    How to treat Manganese

    I know I have how do I fix it in week 10 ph 6.3
  5. jetsgrower

    Mixing nutrients

    hi im on my first grow 9 weeks tomorrow and im using flora series micro gro and bloom I want to know if its ok to add remo's astro flower and if anyone has done this thanks 420 people
  6. jetsgrower

    First Grow going good so far pics

    here is some pics of my first grow 2 gorilla glues week 8 and the last ones are the critical purple week7 :thumb:
  7. jetsgrower


    got a couple in my little setup 3x3 autos in week 8 anything to worrie about
  8. jetsgrower

    Saturday night smoking

    finally have some smoking time about to lite up some Hindu Kush first time trying gonna smoke till I drop
  9. jetsgrower

    Autoflower strains

    hi everyone im a brand new grower on season 1 im growing 2 gorilla glues and one critical purple now after this grow id like to get a autoflower with super high thc content and big yields anybody know some great strains please let me know my seed are from growers choice seeds
  10. jetsgrower

    Jetsgrower First Grow I Hope

    ok guys im pretty new to this stuff except smoking my first grow here we go im in a 3x3 closet using sunshine#4 soil 2 meizhi leds 300watts humidifier fans getting a vent soon using genarel hydroponics trio micro gro bloom 5 gallon pot 2 gorilla glues 1 critical purple from growers choice seeds...
  11. jetsgrower

    First grow

    hi there I search everywhere for info and help I got a lot of it but im a brand new grower just need a little help im in a 3x3 3 gorilla glue AUTOS 5 gallon pots 2 meizhi 300watts leds light in sunshine#4 ph pen I have the general hyrdopinics trio im starting week 2 tomorrow should I start...
  12. jetsgrower

    Hello world

    hello from central Canada
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