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  1. Billpopy79

    Organic CalMag

    :smokin2:Hi all. I have a question I can't seem to find the answer too. I've been growing with Biobizz organic nutes and I'm just about to switch to megacrop. For calmag I've been using the Biobizz alg a mic which seems to be really good and only has trace NPK. Would this be suitable to use...
  2. Billpopy79

    Opinions on SOG

    Hi all. Im planning my next grow for when my current one is done and as I have an abundance of seeds I'm thinking of doing a SOG type grow. Tent will be 4x4x7' 350w 3000k Samsung led strips 400w hps cooltube. The strain will be Crackers. A new hybrid from the Amnesia related gen-pool. She is a...
  3. Billpopy79

    All Or Nothing 2 Tent Multistrain Extravaganza

    So after my first very successful grow my last grow went tits up and I ended up giving my plants away. With the world being a little crazy at the moment I decided to go all in and try and get myself a really good grow started. Tent 1 2X Barney's farm 8 ball kush 1X Barney's farm critical kush...
  4. Billpopy79

    Nanna or not nanna?

    My ladies are in late bloom and I've spotted this on one of my buds, is it a nanna?
  5. Billpopy79

    Plants drinking less in late bloom

    I have a question I can't seem to find an answer to. I have 3 plants soil grow in late bloom, probably a week to go. They have been consistently draining their pots in 3 days all the way through flowering and now 3 days after watering the pots feel about half full of water. I have also noticed...
  6. Billpopy79

    Don't cut corners

    Started these under a little kingbo 300w and they were doing amazing with huge growth. Ok so maybe they are big and strong enough to go under my Mars 96 light. So I only had the 1 spare ratchet hanger from my kingbo light. Turns out with the extra weight of the bigger Mars light turns the...
  7. Billpopy79

    Getting desperate, any ideas of what's wrong please

    So I'm just starting week 4 in bloom and have run into problems which are just getting worse. It started with yellowing lower fan leaves but has now progressed to upper leaves with necrotic spots and some leaves drying and falling off. I'm now worried they won't make it to harvest. Set up is...
  8. Billpopy79

    My Favourite Strain: 2 Peyote Critical, Soil Grow 440W LED 2x4'

    So I'm 3 weeks into flower on my first ever grow and although not perfect things have gone pretty well. So for grow number 2 I have 2 peyote critical seeds from Barney's farm. I chose this strain as a friend grew some a while back an i loved the smoke. I'll be soaking the seeds for 12 hours...
  9. Billpopy79

    Can't seem to stop this

    Hi all. First time grower here,Nothing too problematic but I seem to keep having deficiencies with lower fan leaves. It's probably affecting 20% of the lower to middle leaves. I've tried upping feed and Cal mag but then seem to get a little nute burn higher up the plant. (Just burned tips and...
  10. Billpopy79

    Tips curling down and yellowing

    Hi all, I'm hoping for a little input here as I'm a first time grower and still trying to learn. I'm on day 2 after flipping to 12-12 and I seem to have a bit of an issue with my smallest plant. I did have some deficiencies in late veg which seemed to be fixed by upping feeding and adding Cal...
  11. Billpopy79

    Do these look big enough to flip?

    Hi all. Just wanted some opinions as to whether these ladies look big enough to flip and have a chance of a reasonable yield? They have been vegging 33 days. And have now started growing at a rate of Knott's so I don't want to run out of tent space. They look about droopy as it's just before...
  12. Billpopy79

    LED build question

    So I've put together a couple of Samsung F series LED strips. I've read that they should be wired with single core 20awg wire. Can anybody in the know tell me why they need the single core 20awg? It seems very thin and I'm worried it may overheat.
  13. Billpopy79

    Plant looking very sad

    I moved my plants to my grow tent yesterday and one of them doesn't look too good at all. The pots were very dry when I moved them so I'm hoping it just needs a soaking. Does anyone see anything I'm missing? The leaves have gone dry and crispy and yellowed on some.
  14. Billpopy79

    When the postman comes

    A nice little delivery to brighten a boring day at the office.
  15. Billpopy79

    Topping question

    I have a question regarding when to top my plants. Is topping best done at the same time as a water and if so should I feed or wait until I see new growth? Thanks.
  16. Billpopy79

    250w HPS bulb in 400w MH light

    I've been given a 400w MH light with a blown bulb. I have a brand new 250w HPS bulb, can anybody tell me if this is safe to use or will the ballast overpower the lower wattage bulb. Thanks
  17. Billpopy79

    Any ideas on what's wrong here?

    Got home to this one looking sad. 2 others in larger pots look fine. They did get a 1/4 dose of root juice 4 days ago, maybe to early for nutes.
  18. Billpopy79

    Seedlings started to bend over

    Hi all, just a quick question. My 5 day old seedlings stretched a fair bit early on as I think my light was too far away, I've not supported them with a bit of wire too keep everything upright. Question is, I've had a little 2.5w usb fan blowing across them and they have all bent over away from...
  19. Billpopy79

    2s company 3s a crowd?

    So I'm on my first grow (total newbie) I germinated 3 seeds and they seem to be growing ok so far (still early days). I'm going to grow in a 2x4x5 ft tent so was planning on 2 plants, my question is do I keep the 3rd plant if they all survive or will I be cramming too much into my tent? Strain...
  20. Billpopy79

    1st Ever Grow, 8 Ball Kush

    Hi guys, I'm a few days into my 1st grow. 8 ball kush from Barney's farm. Indoor grow 4x2x5 ft tent 450w full spectrum custom led panel pulls exactly 200w from outlet. 35watt CFL for seedlings Bio bloom root juice Bio bloom grow Bio bloom top max Canna grow Pro plus soil
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