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    Accidental Cross Breeding Of Strains

    Last year when I was going through my HEART challenges I could not get out in my Grow to check on the plants. I had some CBD Harle Tsu, and three other strains of High THC plants growing. By the time I was able to walk to my grow greenhouse, three different plant strains developed into males...
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    Industrial Hemp Seeds Not Germinating

    My associate ordered a large bag of Industrial Hemp seeds. I have made 3 attempts to germinate some seeds and none germinated. Could my friend have by accident ordered "STERILIZED" seeds by mistake? I guess if so, I will use them up by putting them in my food. Any ideas on this would be...
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    Are there any strains of Cannabis that will help control or lower my A1c back to normal and eliminate my DIABETES? I had been told that I am Pre-Diabetic for last couple years. Last week I got a blood test for my Oncology clinic. It showed my A1c was a count of 10, which my Primary VA doctor...
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    Leukemia and RSO or Tincture

    Updating one of my early posts on my CLL Leukemia. 14 years ago I was diagnosed with CLL. Began taking RSO and it dropped my WBC from abt 60,000, (white blood cells) to a low last year of 30,000. Last couple of years I went through some health challenges, ( I am 77 years young) with High Blood...
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    Charlotte's Web Availability?

    Does anyone know where I can find some Charlotte's Web seeds? Are there any close strains that are high in CBD and low in THC? I already make RSO out of a strong Indica to treat my Leukemia. However, It really gets me stoned for a long time and I need to work and that involves driving. Thanks
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    Spider Mites

    Into ninth week of Indoor flowering. Saw spider mites and the webs around the buds last week. Sprayed with Pyritherim one times but few days later eggs must have hatched and saw more. Sprayed again and do not see any activity this week. Also sprayed with Amway LOC, Liquid Organic Concentrate...
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