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    Making canna butter with hot water???

    I’ve been making canna butter for a short while, so I’m not super experienced. I have recently seen posts that say to simmer the cannibis and butter, and once it’s ready, strain it through a cheese cloth, and then to pour hot water on the remaining THC and butter to get the remaining THC/butter...
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    Dosing with butter in baked goods

    I’m not entirely sure where this post should go because I can’t find anything for edibles. My question was, I’ve been making butter/oil for dosing and I’m trying to get the correct butter to “flower” ratio. I think that this is a matter of preference depending on tolerance, but I just wanted...
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    Towelie says

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    Dry hopping beer with buds

    I’m a brewer. I wasn’t sure where to post this so I thought I’d just poste here. If I dry hop with pot it will not have any affects other than flavor and odor, correct? If I hop in the boil it will have its psychoactive effect? But what about at flame out? Thanks
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    1st dry ice kief experience : Yeah!

    Dry ice kief. It just keeps flowing out a 120 bag. I had a lot of trim. When does leaf get pulverized and comes out? It still looks like the first shake
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    To grind or not to grind scraps & dry ice kief

    I have my bubble bags, oodles of scraps, and my jewelry scale. Gonna make my dry ice kief soon. Do I grind buds and such before the process, or not please? I’ve heard both opinions. I’m saving scraps, larfy buds, tiny buds in my freezer at the moment. It’s all dry. Thanks peeps. Christmas...
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    Making kief for baking: measurements

    I’ve read a lot and still can’t seem to pin down what I’m looking for “How to make a concentrate that I can be somewhat precise when cooking” I don’t want to mess with alcohol or any other steps AND since most keif is between 70-80% THC, can’t I use 1 gram of keif and expect 7-8 milligrams of...
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    Curing in a 20 gallon plastic storage bin: pic

    I bought a plastic storage bin last year I never used, that has air tight seals. It was gonna be used for cigar storage and curing but never was. I bought a wine cooler/humidor instead. Can I put all my mason jars in the bin, lids removed, and burp the entire plastic container rather than open...
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    Bud washing experience for a first time grower PIC

    I thought I would share my experience with a picture. Mind you, this water yesterday morning looked like Mountain Dew. I did not take a before picture unfortunately. This was only from cleaning buds from one plant (Blue Dream that yielded quite a bit) I know, totally gross right, but have you...
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    Is there a place on 420 for home brewers that want to use pot

    ....as a brewing ingredient. I am a home brewer and grew pot outdoors for the first time this year. I just started the harvest of several plants and after drying and curing I will have a lot on hand. Plan to make Kief for some baked goods too. I have the whole brewing set up, kegs, CO2, taps...
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    What are outdoor growers harvesting?

    Going to harvest two blue dream and two black jack plants this weekend. The Blue Dream buds are huge and skunky, the Black Jack on the other hand smells of Petrol (Diesel) and a slight arm pit odor. Love it!!!
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    Time to flush, but

    I’ve read to flush for a week, and I’ve read for a few days. I’m growing outdoors using Growilla in flower at the moment. I’m guessing that this fertilizer takes a while to break down with the soil since it says feed every 10-14 days, not daily like some liquid nutes???? Just trying to time...
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    Post harvest trichomes: outdoor grow

    This is a two question post. 1-Through my loupe I noticed trichomes wilt a little (are they purely oil based or partially water based) because although still super stick after the flower dries, it not as sticky freshly cut???? 2-do trichomes keep their color appearance when the flower is...
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    In the last few weeks of flower: Bam!

    As a newbie, I just wanted to say, that all those people saying the buds will get bigger the last few weeks before harvest weren’t pulling anyone’s chain. The last few days they’ve visually grown and the branches are more weighted down, like a light rain might do... Thanks for all the...
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    Is THC in the bud vegetation or in trichomes?

    I assume both but wondering.
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    Hand trimming vs a tumbler?

    I am new to growing. I am seeing several ways to effectively trim bud. Hand trim, or use one of several tumbling techniques out there. The tumbling method is intriguing..... Has anyone used it?? Looks like it could save me from arthritis!!!! Serious. And time savings. I am a home grower Is...
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    Scissor Hash: what to do

    I have a ball of the hash, from wet trimming my buds, BUT I also had some pollen/husks from the pine trees behind my house fall on to the sticky trichomes. Can I do anything with it to get the husks out. They literally look like fine saw dust. They are stuck to all buds My thought was to let...
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    Do you trim your sugar leaves from your buds?

    If its just for personal consumption do you leave the sugar leaves, or do you trim them to make other delectable items? First harvest here and man, its a lot of weed to trim.....
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    The green smell

    I’m a newb. 1st outdoor grow. Was wondering how to get rid of the fresh cut grass. I’ve read a few articles. One say to remove all leave at harvest because the leaves cause the smell, and another said it’s proper curing, not leaving sugar leaf. Can any give do this newb a solid? How do I avoid...
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    Petroleum like odor in one strain

    Good morning, I’m an outdoor grower in my last few weeks of flower and wanted to hear what you guy have experienced in smells. My 4 strains each have one predominant smell 1-Skunky 2-piney 3-citrusy 4th is a petroleum like smell I’ve experienced the first three. Petrol like smell? is...
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