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    Blackberry Kush 400W MH/HPS 4x4 & Maybe More

    i see ur running organics and ur using superthrive..u know that superthrive has alcohol in it dont u? which will kill the bennies in ur soil. if u want a good rooting product use general organics bio root..that stuff is the shit and smokes superthrive
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    Rifleman's Roost Open 24/7: Perpetually Perplexed

    Sour crinkle i would suggest..i just bought the gold glue from the illuminatuo drop and a few days before i bought the stiltion specials and sour livers..their autos are just as good if not better then most photos and im a die hard photo grower but mephisto changed my mind on autos. i just...
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    Serious Seeds Serious 6

    im growing this strain outdoors at 37.5 lat south east usa..humid as hell here so hopefully this baby will stand up to the climate here which is hot and humid sometimes rainy sometimes dry just never know and see how see does..i picked up biddy early as well from them just bc of all the great...
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    Help! Bud rot?

    Re: Help!!! Bud rot??? i use dyno-gro proteckt and it adjusts my PH great..its very cheap and on top all that it will also make ur stems and stalks alot thicker...there is extra benefits to haveing thick stems as it will help hold buds better and proteckt will also make disease and pests harder...
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    Bud rot! Please help quick!

    u need a fan for sure..u should have known with the setup u have that it would be inevitable that something would go wrong..i understand u have no money for stuff at the time,i have been there myself and learned the hardway just like u,but one thing that can never be stressed enuff is air flow...
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    Another Bad Season

    neem oil 100% cold pressed& karanjo oil 100%..its great stuff when used in combination..dont buy that crap azamax or azsol bc it only has 1 ingrediant..neem oil 100% has over 320 toxins that mess with pests hormons..they cannot build up a resistance to it either..the sierra natural science is...
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    Plants turning yellow in late flowering

    whats the purpose of flushing anything? my grows i have never flushed nothing bc i dont overfed..overfeeding that plants does not help ur plants grow any stronger or bigger buds..i always feel that if u feed the plants on a tight schedule then there is no need to flush and anyone that has ever...
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    Help! Bud rot?

    Re: Help!!! Bud rot??? they are completely healthy looking to me..if u had bud rot u would know it bc the stuff would be brown adn slimy looking and if not treated it can wipe out ur entire garden in a matter of days..its spreads incrediably fast!
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    My Experience Using Sierra Natural Science Spider Mite Spray

    i am a guerrilla grower so u can imagine the shit i have to deal with..i have never used SNS products but i did massive research in regards to what this stuff does..i went to sns website and got broadmite,spidermite and fungicide that i plan on useing next year to see if it will help prevent...
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    ripper seeds double glock

    im gonna grow their TOXIC outdoors next year..i seen a grow indoors of it and the pic that herbies has on his website is dead on so i hope mine will do that well and is hardy like they claim
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    Dr Krippling Incredible Bulk

    i love FMS they have some top notch genetics for dirt cheap..i have had better results with their 25$ pack of seeds then i have 150$ seeds..got easy sativa,c99,blue cheese and bubblegummer that im running next year..those twin towers are friggin awesome looking..i wish i could grow this strain...
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    DNA Genetics Holy Grail Kush

    hey guys sorry about not posting pics i would have but my holy grail kush and berry bomb got ripped this year..i was very sketchy about putting it where i did this year and my instincts was right..i only put 2-4 plants per plot and thank god this one only had 2..the holy grail kush was only in...
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    Green Love Potion - by Samsara Seeds

    I'm flattered that you read you way through, thank you! :thanks: I've had nothing but good things to say about Samsara. My NOTM win was Spicy White Devil from Samsara. Great breeder IMO. I've got one Holy Grail, and I'm close to dropping it. Sounds like you have plenty of experience - hope...
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    Sierra Natural Science SNS-244 Best for Powder Mold

    the reason u dont have to spray in late flower is bc some of SNS244c is systemic and it stays in the plant keeping it strong is my understanding..it dont look like growinggold gonna come back and let us know but i will know in the fall of 2015 outdoor guerrilla growing season if this works..i...
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    Sweet Seeds 3x Dark Devil + 1x Big Devil XL Grow

    yo nice grow dutch..would u say that sweet seeds autos compare to dutch passion genetics? i hear the auto blue mazor is another awesome plant to grow but i been looking at sweet seeds to they have some great photo strains so only can assume their autos are just as good..im thinking about this xl...
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    Bomb Seeds

    u have the fast pheno i got last year on the berry bomb..it was harvested here in south east usa by sept9th..this year i got a difffernt pheno bc it just started flowering about 2 weeks ago..im eager to try this pheno out! bomb seeds are great im growing cherry bomb this year as well outdoors..i...
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    Is anyone familiar with Serenade Garden Disease Control Concentrate?

    i know this is a old thread but can anyone else share any info on serenade for outdoor guerrila grows? does this stuff help help grey mold at bay?
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    Holy Grail Kush DNA Genetics

    well i posted it in the member gallery not sure how to get it here..
  19. Dinafem Diseal

    Dinafem Diseal

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    Budding Early!?

    it will be just like feeding but with less phorpus..the plant goes on the hours of day when it starts budding and the nutes we give it just help make it bigger but since its flowering u want to get the buds as big as u can..so start giveing it bloom nutes bc it neeeds more phorpus now not as...
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