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  1. jetsgrower

    Quick Journal

    Hi guys and gals been super Bizzy last couple of months but still growing here is a rundown of the gelato auto grow fast buds it was super frosty had to change gloves a couple times super dense my favourite strain now it’s amazing a must try took 11 weeks start to finish used remo supercharged...
  2. jetsgrower


    Winnipeg Manitoba in the house cheers fellow canucks
  3. jetsgrower

    Aquarium lights

    thank you so much I'm on my way to the hardware store home hard ware thanks virgin you the greatest
  4. jetsgrower

    Aquarium lights

    so one more q what kind of tube light should I get thanks again
  5. jetsgrower

    Aquarium lights

    right on virgin thanks
  6. jetsgrower

    Aquarium lights

    is that right I cant see anything else on the bulb
  7. jetsgrower

    Aquarium lights

    says t12
  8. jetsgrower

    Aquarium lights

    well I have no choice for now im gonna germ these beans and try it out thanks for the info
  9. jetsgrower

    420 Magazine's Nug of the Month: August 2019

    some nice looking nugs here gonna be tough
  10. jetsgrower

    420 Magazine's Photo of the Month: August 2019

    nice good luck to all of you great people
  11. jetsgrower

    Aquarium lights

    hi guys a quick question can I use my 48" 80watt double tube fluorescent light for veg my closet gots bud growing in it and I would like to start gelato auto bruce banner auto and blackberry auto in my 60 gallon tank thanks
  12. jetsgrower

    Slingblade Sax's Gorilla, Bruce, & Durban Autos

    looks great keep it up
  13. jetsgrower

    Newbie Here

    welcome from central Canada
  14. jetsgrower

    Jetsgrower First Grow I Hope

    how do I end this journal thanks guys
  15. jetsgrower

    Grandpa Tokin’s Perpetual

    hello gramps it's been awhile but your still the hardest working gramps in the bizz lol cheers:thumb::lot-o-toke:
  16. jetsgrower

    Slingblade Sax's Gorilla, Bruce, & Durban Autos

    keep on keeping on cheers
  17. jetsgrower

    Slingblade Sax's Gorilla, Bruce, & Durban Autos

    right on got some bruce banner auto's the way from them
  18. jetsgrower

    First time cannabutter

    it turned out all right not the greatest but good enough
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