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  1. Baron Von Blurple

    Baron Von Blurple's Canadian Comp Featuring Black Sugar

    4 Lighting - Mars Hydro TSW 2000 and 110 watt full spectrum Amazon jobbie Enviro - Mars Hydro 36 x 36 x 72 Tent Medium - Praux Mix® Nutes - Megacrop and homemade Calmag Ventilation - AC Infinity 6 inch Dropped Dec 31st Evening Eventually these will be joined by 2 x Barneys Farm Blue Gelato...
  2. Baron Von Blurple

    Schloss Von Blurple

    Welcome to Schloss Von Blurple Canadian Legal Grow Lighting - Mars Hydro TSW 2000 and some Chinese 110 watt at the wall full spectrum Enviro - Mars Hydro 36 x 36 x 72 Tent Medium - Soil (for now) Nutes - Megacrop Ventilation - ac Infinity 6 inch This will be a ongoing perpetual journal. I...
  3. Baron Von Blurple

    Cold air intake tent venting

    Should I vent to my cold air intake ? The left furnace is upstairs, and the right is down. I am thinking of attaching a coupling onto the taped up area on the left furnace. I plan on putting my tent in front of the furnaces so the vent would be a short run to the duct.
  4. Baron Von Blurple

    What do you use to water your soil with?

    Im looking for ideas on devices that have made your task of watering a potted plant easier. For example, if your mixing your nutrients into a 5 gallon bucket and getting ph balanced etc, and then dipping a watering can (if it will fit) into it. Or maybe your using some sort of siphoning rig...
  5. Baron Von Blurple

    Looking for 3 x 3 and LED light journal

    I have tried searching for journals with the same criteria as the build I am looking at. But cannot find what I'm looking for. Anyone who has or is in this situation kindly give me a heads up so I can follow you. Thanks for your time. Canadian grow with particular attention to basement temps...
  6. Baron Von Blurple

    Critique my build

    Hello, I am a Canadian long time smoker, first time grower and have decided to jump headfirst into growing for the very first time. This will be in a basement that stays very cold (15 - 18 degrees C) so I dont anticipate the 4 inch fan running too hard to cool off a led light fed 3 x 3 growing...
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