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  1. multiVortex

    Vortex's Dev Lab: A Perpetual Thread For Developing Young Plants

    I can hear it now, "Yo, mV, what's with another one of these?!?!?!" The answer is simple. I needed a space to sprout seeds, start clones, and initially veg some babies until they're ready to go into either the Lab, or into the RDWC. That's the big picture. Prior to putting this together, I...
  2. multiVortex

    Dutch Bato Bucket Experimentation

    So I'm curious on Dutch buckets, and am planning an experimental run at some point to see how it goes. Then I got to thinking (yes, here I go again. :laugh::laugh:) about certain aspects of this and that. So for a quick recap/overview, you take a bucket, put an overflow on it so there is a 2"...
  3. multiVortex

    Vortex's Lab: 4x4 Secondary Garden & Experimental Thread

    "And Here... We... Goooooo!!!1!1!!" - Joker Welcome one and all to my little space where I'll document my follies with my "lab" grow space where I tinker around with things I'm not well versed in, haven't tried, or just need the extra space to grow more plants. This will be an on-going thread...
  4. multiVortex

    Mother, Germination & Small Batch Combination Station

    Let me start off by saying that the following is just a concept. I'm still thinking it over, and by no means am I close to ready to do anything like this. However, I am trying to plan ahead a bit. So here we go. :) I've been thinking it over for a bit, and wondering what I can do to accomplish...
  5. multiVortex

    MVortex's Perpetual Thread For A 4x4 Tent & RDWC

    Welcome one and all, and bless your hearts for reading my dribble. :laugh2: :19: :laugh2: So before you line your bird cages with my ramblings, let's see what I'm in for, shall we? :ganjamon: First things first. At some point, I'm going to fuck this up. Let me be clear about that. :D What...
  6. multiVortex

    Vortex Drops A One-Off Coco Run With Auto Lemon Drop & Sweet Tooth

    Had some freebie seeds on a recent order from True North. So, in the true spirit of waste not, want not, I'm going to do a one-off run off two autos while I finish up the new RDWC build and wait out that photo period grow. :D So this should be cured and ready around the 3rd-ish week of December...
  7. multiVortex

    Grow Security & Connectivity: Cameras, Locks, etc

    Discussion came up in the grow house journal of @Hyena Merica, so I thought I would take the side-track over here and not further distract from his excellent journal. Quick back history of the continuing discussion: Whether or not having cameras monitoring your grow, that you can view online...
  8. multiVortex

    Pest Control: Can traditional gardening methods be applied to cannabis?

    Aphids. We hate those little bastages. Everything is fine, then seemingly overnight the garden has turned into nothing short of an aphid spring break free for all party. We use neem oil, insecticidal soap, and other methods to send them to their demise. Yet we are left with residual issues...
  9. multiVortex

    RDWC & Grow Setup: Sanity Check Would Be Much Appreciated

    Hello all! Obviously new here in terms of showing up, but I've been reading, and reading, and reading for a couple years. There is so much good info and people here, I can't thank y'all enough. From LA and his wild flux and deathstar and clever tricks and tips, to all the awesome folks willing...
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