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  1. CannabisLover21

    2nd Grow: Auto Flowering Cobras

    Hi guys, @Silverfox125, @Chris Scorpio, @One Of These Days, @Grand Daddy Black, @MrSauga, @SweetSue, @Backlipslide, What do you think about cobra for the next grow? I also have purple lemon berry, Alaskan purple, and strawberry shortcake seeds.
  2. CannabisLover21

    1st Grow Help, Green Crack Auto

    Hi, this is my first attempt at growing and I would love help. I am growing green crack auto indoors in coco coir with 1000 watt white led. Today is the start of week 4 and I didn’t know if I needed bloom nutes. Ph is between 6-6.5 in my runoff and plants 2 & 3 have ppm’s of 600. However, plant...
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