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  1. Felix the Dog

    Some plants are getting beaten up

    If someone can suggest what it going on, please do. It has been hot recently. Pardon the photo quality. Thanks.
  2. Felix the Dog

    One of my friends is a limey

    I have a few out there in the great outdoors in an area the size of a small kitchen. Considering the brutally hot weather we've had, they aren't too bad. However, one plant, a hybrid with sativa leaves, a decent-looking plant, is slightly lighter in colour than the others, rather a limeish...
  3. Felix the Dog

    Cinderella 99, the variations

    As I understand it, there have been three Cinderella releases by Brothers Grimm: the original, the 2016 release, and the current one. If some can please advise if that is correct, and perhaps compare the versions, I would appreciate it. Thank you.
  4. Felix the Dog

    Lemon: give me lemon

    What is the Lemonmiest (New Word) strain you know of. I want Lemon Smell (snort snort.)
  5. Felix the Dog

    Northern Lights

    I am looking for Northern Lights, regular, not auto, not feminized. Can you recommend a company who carries good NL seeds? They seem to be out of fashion, somewhat. Thanks very much.
  6. Felix the Dog

    I know nothing: please do the arithmetic and physics for me

    I've never grown indoors, and I wish to do so (in durt) in either a 2 x 4 x 5 ft. or a 3 x 3 x 5 ft. tent. I wish to start plants, do clones, do Bonsai muthers, veg stuff in winter, grow seeds - in fact, just about everything except grow plants to produce quantity of buds, although perhaps...
  7. Felix the Dog

    Is it possible to keep clones fairly small for 6 months?

    If I take clones now, can they be kept smallish by pot restriction, trimming, or other methods? Thank you.
  8. Felix the Dog

    Old Time Moonshine: what is it?

    So far I have come to think that it is simply a particular version of Blueberry. Yes? It seems to be fairly early, which I need. Thanks
  9. Felix the Dog

    Variance in THC of Pakistani brands

    I see the Chitral seeds by Ace are stated to have a range of about 8 to 12%. The Pakistan Valley stuff by World of Seeds is listed at 21.2%. Isn't that rather a remarkable range for what are more or less the same critters? Eh? Thanks
  10. Felix the Dog

    Smell of veg stage

    I am considering cutting and growing some clones, perhaps growing to a foot tall (+ pots.) I'm an outdoor type, so I don't know if that stuff - if I keep it in the veg stage, will smell and thus require measures to deal with smell. Will it?? Eh? Thanks for any advice
  11. Felix the Dog

    The maximum length of exhaust ducts

    I'm an outdoor dude, but am thinking of a very small indoor gig. A tent I have my eye on includes a Hurricane 4" 165 CFM Inline Fan. I'm wondering how far such a fan can blow exhaust effectively. 25 ft.? 50 ft.? I may need to do 50 feet because of the layout of the building I am dealing with...
  12. Felix the Dog

    Nutrients for seedlings in Gro-Mix HP

    I have usually used a dirt ++ mix for seedlings, but this year I used Pro-Mix HP. I now have seedlings of 4 inches or so with multiple leaves, growing nicely for the most part, in 4 inch pots. It suddenly occurred to me that since Pro-Mix HP is made of : * Canadian sphagnum peat moss...
  13. Felix the Dog

    CBD/THC Test kits for your home-grown marijuana, 2018

    There are a number of references to test kits in various threads around here, but I didn't find many threads specifically on this subject. Here it is: it seems to me that there are two companies which are more popular in the test-your-own-bud equipment business: cannalyticssupply and...
  14. Felix the Dog

    CBD strains: Sativa vs. Indica

    There are general stereotypes about sativa and indica strains: tha sativa tends to be more psychoactive and indica tends to be more couch-active, affecting the body. In CBD strains which are CBD|THC 1:1 or greater, do those stereotypes still apply, or does the CBD rule to such an extent that...
  15. Felix the Dog

    Mission Impossible: Pollinating out of doors

    That's what next year's project is, and it gives me a headache. Getting the dates of pollination correct, checking plants in darkness, what to do with wanted and/or unwanted males, moving them if necessary....... I may even make a Male Sanctuary: dig up budding males and put them all together...
  16. Felix the Dog

    To register or not register; that is the question

    One of the seed companies advises in the FAQ: ""All orders will be sent by regular mail because this is the most inconspicuous way. If requested we will ship, by registered mail at no extra cost."" I hadn't thought of that. I don't really see why regular would be less conspicuous...
  17. Felix the Dog

    I don't like Kush types

    I was reading some forum - I forget which - and a poster posted that "I don;t usually like Kush types at all, but this one....." That got me thinking: why would someone not like Kush? There must be a zillion types of Kush, how can one dislike them all, or most? Is disliking Kush the same as...
  18. Felix the Dog

    Indica XXL by Sagarmatha Seeds

    I looked for user reviews or forum comments about that strain but there seems to be nothing out there. The strain is short, quick and green, all strong points for me. The genetic are not stated outside of it being Indica. Fair enough. Pictures show a good plant. If anyone has any knowledge...
  19. Felix the Dog

    Stealth packaging

    I see that some companies charge for 'stealth' packing. Is that common? Do some companies ship all their seeds in a 'stealthy' package? Do some just ship in a flat envelope? Is there a rule of thumb or consensus out there? Thanks for any feedback.
  20. Felix the Dog

    White Cookies vs. White Widow

    I know the lineage. I want to compare the two. I've grown Cookies, not Widow. If you have personal knowledge of these two, please compare the relative: maturity times; height; effect; anything else that comes to mind. Personally, I don't think there is a great deal of difference, but then, I'm...
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