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  1. Liam Hughes

    Cannabis Powder

    I just made my first batch of cannabis powder. I'm going to try it on scallops tonight. My brother told me about it a couple of weeks ago, so I read up on it, ordered Maltodextrin and made a batch of canna oil using olive oil (3 cups), vegetable lecithin (1 tbsp/cup of oil) and 3oz. of cannabis...
  2. Liam Hughes

    Spider Mite Control: The Mighty Persimilis

    I'm surprised I left this post until #4. Spider mites have been the bane of my existence for years. I used to control the buggers with Aza Max until it became illegal to sell it in Canada. It worked for about a month before I had to reapply. I wouldn't use it in flower as I had no interest in...
  3. Liam Hughes

    Magical Gummy Bears

    Continuing from my previous thread, I have a cup of tincture that is my first ingredient for making gummy bears, but first I need to make my 'bloom'. Using the original recipe from the MBM2 YouTube page (for some reason they've made a slight change where they don't add the extra tablespoon of...
  4. Liam Hughes

    Making Butter and Tincture

    If you don't own one, buy one. Of course I'm referring to a Magic Butter Machine (MBM2). No hassle, easy cleanup with results in hours (2 for butter and 8 for tincture). After my decarboxilation using a sous vide oven, I'm ready to make my butter. For butter, I only use the shake and lower small...
  5. Liam Hughes


    I have never been a fan of decarboxilating my cannabis in the oven. A conventional oven turns off and on constantly, causing fluctuations in temperature. I figured there had to be a better solution, so a couple of years ago, I searched throughout the internet until I found one angel that had the...
  6. Liam Hughes

    Long Time Grower & Producer

    Hi group, I live in the Toronto area in Ontario, Canada. While legalization occurred a couple of years ago, I have been indoor growing for 7-8 years now. I produced my first outdoor (legal) grow of 4 plants last year with outstanding results. I've done a lot of research over the years on growing...
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