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  1. Bubbafreed

    Too much LED light?

    Hi all please see the attached photo this is 2 * 800 in a 1.2 by 1.2 tent, I have been watching with regards to check PAR / LUX I don't seem to be able to get above 10000 LUX if I have one light on with regards to plants on the outside. So the question is am I over powered? Are my lights to...
  2. Bubbafreed

    Clones Possible 3 Days Into 12/12?

    Guys and girls can I clone from plant that I have just put into 12/12 3-4 days in? Your feedback would be much appreciated
  3. Bubbafreed

    4th Week: Day 22 From Seed

    Day 29 from seed all is going ok Tent 1 remains strong as below, I have some leaf damage / problems as shown (any solution /comments would be much appreciated) Tent 1, 1.2 by 1.2 Tent, Black Domini 2 & Creme Caramel 50 / 50. I have now turned these over to 12/12, 2 * 600 Bestva (New) Veg and...
  4. Bubbafreed

    White & yellow patching on leaves, nutrient?

    Please see the attached, any idea what this is? My thoughts were splashes on nutrients directly onto leave rather than soil, therefore burn? It doesnt look like nitrogen deficiency. A little stuck
  5. Bubbafreed

    Bubba Freed Grow Journal: 3rd Week Day 22 From Seed

    So Day 20 from seed, water is getting to be every other day, I need to invest in a reservoir (water storage) and potentially a backpack sprayer and free flow style nozzle rather than pesticide nozzle to get water flow out better, as whilst I like the control of spraying (watering the plants) it...
  6. Bubbafreed

    SOG Technique

    Hi all, With SOG technique you looking to gain high yield in a short amount of time and more harvest as the process is quicker right? In that case when to flip to 12/12? As I guess it’s quicker than normal as your not wanting much of a stretch. Seeds are creme caramel and dominate black ii...
  7. Bubbafreed

    Bubba Freed Grow Journal: 2nd Week

    I have been growing off and on since I was 22 (now 45) I currently have Creme Carmel on the go (sweets seeds) Pink Lady and Black Domini II (local supplier) I also have some Blue Danish seeds coming which I am very excited about. Whilst I know some techniques and have studied on Youtube, it...
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